Generating More Leads

Being part of a B2B marketing team can be highly stressful, especially with the sales team on your case about more leads that offer better results and don’t have as many dead ends. Of course, everyone wants more leads that end in a successful business, which is a lot easier said than done, experience for the team who have to ensure those leads get generated.

While there are many ways to get more leads, there are a few that have become common sense. For those involved in the industry, including email leads. Yes, there’s a better way? A way to get more leads without having to cold call just about every company that might need your business.

There is, and no there’s no trick to it or something you need to do to get access to it. Most of the strategies have been around for many years and have just been forgotten, or people think they don’t work when they produce excellent results and generate excellent leads.

Stop Trying Everything

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a B2B marketer is to try too many forms of marketing at once. Even if you have an unlimited amount of cash for marketing or you don’t care what it takes, taking on too much won’t do you or the company any good.

Instead, choose one of two major marketing platforms and do them right. Set them up, go the work to get it all the way where it needs to be and complete it in all possible ways. If you decide to hit the social platform first, fill in as much about the company as possible. Ensure you read up about ways to boost your appearance in searches, find the keywords that allow your profiles to stand out and get professional content on the page.

The same goes for websites. If the company already has one, look at it from a client’s point of view, read the content and see what message it sends. There’s nothing entirely as wrong as a company that has poor content, spelling mistakes or graphics that are out rated. Is the site compatible with mobile? Does it even appear on Google under the keywords needed? Does it offer the information clients would need to visit the website? Perfect what you have already and push those marketing platforms to the limit before jumping into the next option.

Social Pages is the New Email Broadcast

If you think about it, how many websites are there that are asking for you to sign up and leave your email address? Just about all of them, right? Therefore, people have started ignoring this, making the feature quite useless unless you have someone serious about wanting to follow you. However, even those tend to go to your Facebook, Twitter and other social pages to find out what you’ve been up to.

Not only do social pages allow clients to follow you, but they can see what the company has done in the past as well, allowing them to see something that might fall within their own needs.