Frozen Lemonades for Summer 2020

North America & the European Union are starting to see weather patterns improve, which is a clear indication that summer is arriving shortly. This is prompting retail companies worldwide to release new products, hoping to obtain a percentage of the “Summer Marketspace” in 2020. Two of those companies include Moosehead Breweries and the Coco-Cola Company. Coke is releasing the Minute Maid Slushies through thousands of McDonald’s retail locations in Europe & North America. Moosehead Breweries announced on May 11th that they’re releasing an Alcohol-infused version of Twisted Tea. Down below are additional details on both those particular products.

The McDonald’s Minute Maid Slushies

Minute Maid Slushies have been introduced yearly by McDonald’s & the Coca-Cola Company since 2018, with it quickly being adopted by consumers. They became widely known for having unique flavour profiles that were sweet and fruity. 2020 marked the introduction of Cokes latest Minute Maid Slushie, with their collectively announcing with McDonald’s the newly introduced Pink Lemonade. It should be noted that the Blue Raspberry Minute Maid Slushie is still being sold, with the Sweet Peach Slushie terminated. These flavourful slushies can be purchased in Small, Medium, or Large.

Some Twisted Tea

Iced Tea has become a staple with summertime in North America and the European Union. Every year multiple beverage manufacturers release products or re-advertise popular items from the year prior. Twisted Tea from Moosehead Breweries is exceeding expectations by announcing three new flavours, which have all been doused with 5ml of vodka. Now you can get a little buzzed while at the beach with your favourite cold Tea.

The new flavours include Passion Fruit, Black Cherry, and Peach. May 25th will mark the date when Passion Fruit & Black Cherry are released internationally. Twisted Tea Peach is available today at retailers like Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Marks & Spencer’s, and Aldi Markets. Those wanting to purchase these beverages can select from multiple package sizes. Those include Six Packs, Twelve Packs, and Twenty-Four Packs. It should be mentioned that these iced teas are packaged in both bottles and cans. Prices will range from $5.99 to $29.99, depending on the size of bottles or cans selected.