Five Simple Tips To Help Reduce Electrical Costs

When it comes to running a business, expenses can be a big part of what eats up profits. One of those costs that seem to continuously be rising is electricity. Depending on your location, and industry, it can be a major part of your monthly expenditures, so controlling those costs and taking all steps possible to reduce your electrical costs is important.

There are multiple ways to help reduce the cost or amount spent on your electrical needs such as purchasing certified ENERGY STAR® products. These, of course, will help with the cost of powering business equipment such as computers, often by as much as 30%. When you look at the bottom line, the added cost of replacing your equipment initially may hurt, but overtime that cost is returned to you tenfold.

All Energy Star products are identified by a blue symbol. They are most commonly found on household appliances but are also found with many of today’s business products. The nice side to these products is the added energy savings does not impact the performance of the product, it only impacts the cost of operating it.

Here are five tips that are simple to follow and will help save on energy consumption and costs.

  1. Energy Star Computers

Energy Star computers are critical in today’s office environment as not many offices operate without a large number of computers that often run all day and night. Computers that have this rating use up to 65% less energy than those that do not, and when it comes to electrical costs that is huge. Consider adding in the cost of replacing your computers into your next budget as the savings will instantly be noticeable.

  1. Lightbulbs

Lighting is another big user of electricity and significant part of your electrical usage. When purchasing bulbs, using those that are LED will significantly reduce your total costs to light work areas, often by as much as 90%. Set all lights on timers to ensure that lights automatically turn off after hours or when employees are not in a particular area of the office.  Also, consider purchasing Energy Star rated light fixtures as these will add to your overall savings.

  1. Network Equipment

Older network equipment is not only often outdated, but tend to use more electricity. Purchasing routers and modems that have an Energy Star rating will reduce your electrical output by as much as 20%. Speak with your ISP provider and ask that all hardware be replaced as soon as possible. If they do not offer Energy Star routers and modems, consider switching to a new provider.

  1. Upgrade Office Equipment

Office equipment such as photocopiers, scanners and printers are another big user, although not as much as the others mentioned. Yet they still need to be powered during office hours, so consider replacing these with Energy Star ratings as well as they use 30% less on average than non-rated products.

  1. Turn Off When Not in Use

Turning off equipment when not in use add up to cost savings. This includes lamps, overhead lights, chargers and any other equipment that is occasionally used but is essential to your operation.