Fitness+ Subscription Service Announced by Apple

Corporations globally are working to reinforce their product marketing campaigns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, hoping to combat lower sales by acquiring larger percentages of their respective market. That’s been similar for the Apple Company, who announced their latest subscription service. Named Apple Fitness+, this service is incredibly reminiscent of Peloton for iOS. Almost all elements of the tech conglomerates latest subscription are stolen from a competing brand.

Fitness+ was announced alongside Apple’s three newest smartwatches, which will assist the subscription-based application in providing detailed information during workout routines. Consumers that have Apple Watch Series Six can better assess their medical reactions towards working out, which CEO Tim Cook claims is an innovative first for the technology industry. That was another lie to loyal consumers that believe Apple innovate all products. Assessing medical data during workouts is available on the Fitbit and Samsung Watch.

Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, clarified that Fitness+ would launch in several nations before December 31st of this year. Consumers wanting to join the Fitness+ subscription service must payout £10 per month, accumulating in a yearly cost of £120.00. There’s also the standalone package for twelve-months of usage, which maintains a price of £80.00. It’s better to pay upfront for Apple Fitness+ than monthly.

Tim Cook announced during Apple’s latest press conference that Fitness+ would bundle alongside three of their other services and save consumers upwards of £10.00 per month. Selecting the “Apple Services Bundle” will provide consumers with Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and iCloud Storage. The potential savings associated with this bundle isn’t worth its collective offerings.

Apple Watch Benefactors

The 6th Apple Watch Series is unlike its predecessors, having a notable emphasis on the health of consumers. Enhancements to the 6th Generation of the Apple Watch include a Blood-Oxygen Sensor, which can enable those with respiratory problems to recognize symptoms with early on-set. Tim Cook boasted that the Apple Watch Series Six is a medical breakthrough.

However, warnings on the Apple Watch Six’s packaging state that it’s not intended for medical usage. It appears that CEO Tim Cook is now advertising medical advancements for consumers, without providing ample proof that the Blood-Oxygen Sensor even works.