Fitbit Releases Charge 4 Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Corporation has implemented new features with its “Charge 4 Fitness Tracker”. The latest model in this series of fitness wear is becoming more similar to a smartphone. Consumers purchasing this product receive GPS Navigation, Fitness Tracking Tools, Spotify Playback Controls and a variety of Watch Interfaces. Benefits of owning the latest model include travelling for great distances without concerns over getting lost, which will be a significant selling point during the advertisement campaign. It should be noted that GPS Navigation will support specific suggestions for Outdoor Workouts, including upcoming marathons.

The SP02 Sensor

The Fitbit Corporation implemented a specialized sensor into the Charge 4 Fitness Tracker. It’s named the SP02 Sensor, which provides owners with a series of specialized options that are supported by the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization. Those options include Heart Rate Tracking, with this extending towards the Charge 4 tracking sleeping patterns. Detailed information on oxygen-level intakes and breathing patterns are provided. Fitbit will suggest users’ activities that can better assist them during sleep if the information is unsatisfactory. It should be noted that multiple fitness trackers provide some rendition of these features for a variety of prices.

Smartwatch Capabilities

Designers with the Fitbit Corporation have worked diligently towards competing with Apple and Android in the smartwatch market. That’s why the Charge 4 Fitness Tracker is provided with a multitude of features that are typically seen in smartwatches. Some are a 1st to this platform, including the capability to make Contactless Payments. Additional smartwatch features include Smartphone Notifications, Social Media Access and Streaming Music Services. What makes the Charge 4 Fitness Tracker compelling for consumers is the price tag of $150.00. This is considerably cheaper than most smartwatches for the same variety of features.

Those wanting to purchase the Charge 4 Fitness Tracker can order online and have it shipped directly to your home. Curbside pickup will be required during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Consumers wanting the most from the Fitbit smartwatch can purchase the Premium Subscription Service, which allows for a variety of programs and guided workouts to become accessible. Additional sleeping tracking technologies are provided through the subscription model as well, which costs $10.00 monthly. Consumers can register today for a Three Month Trial.