Features your B2B Website Must Have

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re involved with. There are merely some features no website can do without to be taken seriously.

It’s happened to all of us, going to some website to find information only to be locked out by code. The site might look great, have the navigation features and even great pictures, but perhaps it doesn’t have the information or contact options you need.

Think to yourself, would you revisit the website if it came up in the search engine? If you remember the site even a month from now, would you check it out again? What would be your impression of the business who has an incomplete website or limited information on products or services they offer?

For most, the above answers are ones you wouldn’t want people thinking about your own business. Which is why it’s important to take the time and plan your website thoroughly and include the features we’re looking at below:

Don’t Launch too Early!

Sure, everyone wants access to a great variety of services and products, and there’s nothing quite as annoying than to tell buyers “we have a website on the way”. It’s better to have one on the way versus deliver an unimpressive service to potential buyers who are scared away by the state of the website and limited information.

Take the time to think about the website, what it needs to include. How are clients accessing it and would you need to help of a professional designer, photographer, website builder?

Professional Content with Each Product or Service

Yes, it might take longer and cost a lot more, but cannot go wrong by adding as much information to your product pages as possible. It’s also essential to include search engine friendly phrases. This will allow your clients to find you via Google and other search engines they might use.

We’ve all seen those sites that merely give a title for the product and expect you to guess. It’s expected you find the details yourself or get in touch to find out what colours their products are available in. No one has time for that, and most would rather see a different company.

Attract buyers by including detailed information about the product or service, not only in paragraphs that explain, but also in quick bullet point as well. If you have another similar product that offers better pricing or features, add it in a comparison format. This allows clients to quickly and easily see what’s available, how it meets their needs and what else they can use it for.

Add pictures and loads of other content and ensure everything is laid out neatly and easy to use on all devices. Of course, you can also take the next step and create video guides of your products, making it even easier for buyers to see what you’re all about!