Enter the E-commerce Market with Shopify

The e-commerce market is an ever-growing sector in the world of consumerism. Therefore if you are not yet selling your products online, then maybe now is the time to take some serious consideration about getting your online shop up and running. Even though there are many ways to tackle this task, which might initially seem to be very daunting, Shopify is a name that you need to consider.

A Name You Can Trust

When any business venture into the world of e-commerce, deciding upon a partner is one of the hardest choices to make. In the end, you would need a partner that will provide security, assistance and longevity. One of the worst things that can happen is when you have set up your online store, and your business is running well, and then your service provider goes bust and leaves you and your clients hanging. This is where Shopify outshines many of its competitors. Shopify has a portfolio of more than 800 000 online stores that serve more than 1 000 000 active users. The sales generated through their service is in access of $100 billion.

A Variety of Payment Plans

With Shopify, you don’t need to purchase any licenses or download large volumes of software or even have to act as a host since they run entirely online. Shopify is a SAAS or software as a service provider. This boils down to clients paying a monthly fee, and all that is required also is internet access and a web browser. They offer a variety of monthly payment plans based on your needs and requirements. These vary between $9 per month for Shopify Lite, which is slightly limited, to Shopify Plus that are aimed at serving large online stores and even though pricing in this range is negotiable, it often varies around $2 000 per month.

Easy To Set Up

Shopify offers many templates which make setting up your store easy even if you are no guru in the area of design. These templates provide a reasonable degree of flexibility to personalize your shop according to your brand and preferences, though. Shopify can also be integrated into other platforms which are often utilized for website building like WordPress or Squarespace. This feature is primarily focused on users who are already quite content with their existing website and merely want to add some elements of e-commerce on there. Payments can be made via two options on Shopify. Either with credit card payments or with Shopify’s internal payments system. When making use of the Shopify payment option, fewer transaction rates do apply.

Shopify is a secure and trustworthy solution to set up and manage your online store. Do note however that Shopify is not yet globally accepted and hence it is advised that you determine where your clientele is mostly based on being able to serve them.