Doritos 2020 Superbowl Marketing

It’s been more than two decades since PepsiCo Frito-Lay releases the Doritos Cool Ranch brand. Recently it’s suffered in popularity, resulting in profits dropping at high percentages. This has forced the Doritos brand to reposition this product into the 2020s, which is why this company is releasing a newly reformed Superbowl advertisement. This comes after they’ve recently revamped the associated flavour profiles with Cool Ranch, which remained the same for nineteen years. This Superbowl advertisement will centre around Lis Nas X, who became famous last year amongst millennials for his Billboard #1 track, “Old Town Road”. The lyrics will be altered in favour of the Cool Ranch brand, which Doritos hopes will get individuals around 15 – 30 interested in the product.

PepsiCo has struggled with its chip branding for a prolonged period, which is why the billion-dollar corporation is implementing a multi-tiered Superbowl campaign. This means multiple commercials will be showcased throughout this event. This includes the Cool Ranch advertisement and the “Group Chat” Ad. All four chip brands operated by PepsiCo will be showcased in this Superbowl spot. It’ll be centred around NFL athletes eating Lay’s, Tostitos, Doritos and Cheetos, as their favourite pre-game snack.

The Third Commercial

PepsiCo is spending billions in the development of older brands. However, there’s also a massive influx of cash being spent towards re-branding Cheetos. This comes after Cheetos moved up to PepsiCo’s master brand after Lay’s dominated for decades. New branding efforts for Cheetos will centre around an exciting and adventurous lifestyle. There’s even been circulating rumours that the name could be altered to Cheetle, with MC Hammer expected to be the new advertising campaigns mascot. It’s a confusing mixture that’s led analysts to believe the Cheetle brand will fail in North America.

The Potential Failure

Corporations have spent millions to billions on Superbowl advertising campaigns and strategies. These commercials are considered just as popular as the game itself. Nine of the ten most-watched advertisements last year were from the 2019 Superbowl. When it applies to advertisement goals, the Superbowl is like a corporation’s convention to meet consumer demands. However, capturing the attention of these viewers and getting them to buy the product can be challenging. This extended to Pringles in 2019, who had partnered with Adult Swim to increase millennial sales. Differences collected in profits after this advertising campaign was minimal.