Donald Trump Found with Chinese Bank Account

It’s shocking & almost unbelievable to think that President Donald Trump would maintain a Chinese bank account. POTUS Trump has stood firmly against the Chinese Communist Party, refusing to fall privy to their strategically illegal methods of conducting business. Trump implemented numerous tariffs onto China that are still active today. However, it’s been revealed that President Donald Trump maintained a Chinese bank account from 2013 to 2015.

The Trump International Hotel Management provided local taxes to the Chinese Community Party. However, those payments were conducted before President Donald Trump entered office in 2016. Trump was negotiating hotel contracts with local Chinese Officials before their agreements had been disembarked. It’s been suggested that negotiations held between these officials prompted Donald Trump’s hatred for Chinese business. He’s ban firms & companies from the United States from engaging with corporations in China, while also beginning a trade way that’s still active today.

Information regarding President Trump’s negotiations with Chinese officials was revealed through the New York Times. Tax records of Donald Trump were obtained by the NY Times, which included corporate & personal details regarding the President’s financial history. One notable fact regarding Trump’s finances shows he paid $750.00 in US Federal Taxes during 2016. POTUS would pay out $188,561.00 in taxes to the Chinese Communist Party in 2017. That means Trump has given more to the Chinese people in taxes than Americans while being their Commander-in-Chief.

The Sad Reality

Donald Trump has avoided discussing this information publicly, turning the subject matter around to Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. Trump claims Biden’s policies on China will enable the Chinese Community Power to have control over the world. Per usual, Donald Trump is incorrect about his sentiments & creating “Fake News”. Unfortunate for intelligible Americans, Trump constituents lack the education to understand their President is a maniacal & sadistic leader that favours communist policies more than democratic ideals.

It should be noted that even with the NY Times collecting Donald Trumps tax records, Lawyers of POTUS have stated that Trump hasn’t committed to any transactions or business activities in China. A blatant lie to save face.