Dominating Marketing Trends in 2019 – Highly Interactive Video Content

Marketing via videos is a progressive marketing trend for quite a few years and continues to increase via websites, blogs and social media. The successful video blogs include everything from baking to make-up, dog-training to sportsbetting. Numerous online casino software developers also announce upcoming slots or other casino games via video footage.

Although, the trend slightly shifts in 2019, when additional changes take place in video marketing strategies, and this time it is interactive videos. A great example is a 360-degree video recently added by The Washington Post to its YouTube page. This type of video marketing enables the readers to view an entire area by clicking the navigation button. Interactive videos are also increasingly used for several other purposes including email, blogging, social media and online/mobile websites.

Idea Behind 360-Degree Marketing Videos

The idea behind the new video marketing trend is to increase the viewer’s engagement. Although the 360-degree videos require a tiny bit more than regular videos, there is a much better chance that viewers will watch the entire video. This means the 360-degree video offers a much higher return on the original investment.

According to a survey, as much as 98% of individuals in the United States believe that the more exciting video format of the two is 360-degree videos vs traditional formats. Upwards of 90% of individuals also acknowledged that the 360-degree videos offer a better view. The survey proofs that it should be no surprise at all that the new format will have a click-through rate of more than eight times greater than that the traditional form. When asked, more than 70% of marketers agreed that the new interactive videos had a huge impact on their businesses. When it comes to the audience around 65% are more likely to enjoy interacting with a video of 360-degrees. The numbers already confirm where the new marketing trend is moving towards and 2019 is only the start.


Not everyone is familiar with IGTV, which is an app operated and owned by Instagram. The new concept was specifically created for mobile devices and launched in mid-2018. The easiest way to describe the app is to think of it as a YouTube-type app for mobiles, although the one major difference is that all videos are vertical and uniquely designed for smartphones.

The video content stars playing the instant the app is opened, similarly to a video would play once you switch on a television set. Many users have already recognised that Instagram is basically taking over the social media scene. Whatever the team touches is almost instantly turned into gold and there is absolutely no indication that it will ever slot down. The new app is one of the major inventions to launch in 2019 and with more than a billion users the presence of IGTV means guaranteed overnight success. IGTV will force the marketing teams of big companies to create content for the app since everyone is chasing huge success by targeting the right consumer market.