Disney Releases Two Halloween Board Games

The Disney Company releases new products yearly for the Halloween season, hoping to capitalize on the financial gain that’s associated with this holiday. Disney has begun announcing their upcoming products, with two board games being announced. The first is an exclusive themed version of Monopoly, based around “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. The 2nd board game is a first of its kind & based around the 90’s film, Hocus Pocus. Both are expected to perform amongst board game enthusiasts financially.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Special Edition Monopoly sends families & friends through the iconic Halloween Town. Players can select from one of six characters from the film. Those include Jack Skellington, Mayor Hearse, Sally, Zombie Duck, Oogie Boogie, and Evil Teddy. The Monopoly Money is designed around Jack Skellington as well, creating a level of iconic fright that’s exclusively associated to the Tim Burton film.

Purchasable locations on the Monopoly game board include Zero’s Tomb, Spiral Hill, Jack’s Tower, and Doctor Finkelstein’s Laboratory. Those interested in purchasing “The Nightmare Before Christmas” edition of Monopoly can buy it online today at the Disney Shop. It’ll cost $39.95.

Hocus Pocus: The Board Game

The Sanderson Sisters are returning to their calming circle & entering a new landscape that centres around board games. Disney’s Hocus Pocus: The Ravensburger Company manufactures the Board Game. Players will find themselves working together, an alternative format for board games, which conventionally have you working against each other.

Players have to stop the Sanderson Sisters from the completion of their nightly potions before the sun rises. This board games working similarly to the film, with the Sanderson’s working diligently to sabotage players from completing their goal from an array of spell casting. There are aids available to gamers, like the Rain of Death Card & Thackery Binx the Cat. Those wanting to purchase Disney’s Hocus Pocus: The Board Game can order it direct from Amazon for $19.99.

Buyers receive a single cauldron & witch board, which works in correlation with fifty ingredient card & thirteen spell cards. Players also have access to Four Trick Tokens, A Sun Toke, One Binx Meeple, and the Rulebook. A maximum of eight players can be supported with Disney’s Hocus Pocus: The Board Game, with family & friends needing thirty minutes for completion.