Connect the Team with Slack

There are so many ways to keep in touch with the team these days. You can chat on Gmail, Skype, Whatsapp and much more. However, all of these platforms seem to focus more on communicating than sharing information. Sure, you can send a file on Skype and all the rest, but what if you could connect your Google Drive or Dropbox? Slack is undoubtedly an upgrade when it comes to organizing and getting the team up to speed on the latest movements. It includes a stack of excellent features that makes it quick and easy to share valuable information, changes and whatever else you need the team to know without having to message each of them to CC and BCC everyone in an email.

Unlike the great organizing platforms such as Asana and Trello, Slack is more of a communication platform that adds more benefits than the standard ones. It comes with a range of overlaying features. These are there to make things much more comfortable and get sharing and up to date a lot faster. It’s available as an in-browser service or as a downloadable program, which is both 100% free. However, are there some additional benefits you might like for a small monthly fee.

What Makes it Great

Slack is an online messaging system that’s available on just about all platforms. This includes Windows and Mac. Members even have the option of downloading an app on smartphones and tablets, including both iOS and Android. From the moment you sign up, the possibilities are yours to choose from. Set up multiple groups and adjust levels for members. This makes it possible to share information with the team, but only to those on an individual level.

It even includes a community tread, which is an addition to the private chat section. The community tread is excellent for everyone to share things or give the entire team an update. Furthermore, it also includes direct messaging between members. This allows for private chats, which the system saves for easy referrals later on. You can search for specific details in conversations, edit your messages after sending and even instantly share files from your PC by dragging and dropping.

The biggest and best part of Slack is the fact that you can apply various integrations to your team. This is where the service becomes a shining star and a great benefit to the side. It makes it possible to link online storage and organizing platforms, including Dropbox, Asana, Trello, and so many more. The list continuously grows as more and more third-party programs become available. Not only does Slack appear as the ideal professional tool to keep the team up to date, but it also offers added features to make it your own. The service lets you add new emojis, change profile pictures and much more.