Coca-Cola’s Christmas Marketing Campaign

The Coca-Cola Corporation is infamous for its wide-ranging marketing campaigns on a global scale. One of their most anticipated advertising campaigns every year is throughout the Christmas Season. It’s here that their Holly and Jolly Santa Claus will appear to bring joy to the Children. However, this year, Coca-Cola is claiming they will unite us all during one of the most diverse years in the 21st century. This is being accomplished through their yearly Christmas commercial, which reminds individuals that there is more than unites us than dives us.

The Advertisement Explained

The Holiday Advertisement begins with Saint Nic starting his preparations for Christmas. Then a narrator’s deep voice echoes throughout television sets worldwide, claiming that countless negative things could be said about Santa Claus. He gathers information about us and sneaks across the world, but as the Narrator’s voice begins to lighten up. He mentions how we think about how this man’s love for us unites the world yearly. Afterwards, the advertisement starts to end with Saint Nicolas drinking one of the classic bottles of Coco-Cola, before he leaves for the evening to provide Christmas presents worldwide.

You can’t help but feel a sense of disappointment in yourself after watching this advertisement. However, you quickly feel inspired to handout kindness throughout the holiday season and celebrate with unexpected individuals. Ultimately, this commercial reminds us to set aside our differences and focus on the things that make us human. Subsequently, the 2019 Christmas Ad from Coco-Cola is being claimed as one of their best yet.

The marketing campaign is beginning in traditional countries celebrating the holidays. This includes the United Kingdom, North America, the European Union, and multiple other jurisdictions. Those living outside of the standard jurisdictions can also watch the advertisement through YouTube. It should also be noted that the Coco-Cola Corporation is also doing another yearly run of the Christmas Truck Tour across the United Kingdom and North America. Locating the truck in your neighbourhood or on the streets means getting a free treat from the beverage corporation.

The History of Coca-Cola’s Holiday Advertisements

The Coco-Cola Corporation has had advertisements surrounding the holidays since the late 1800s. However, the Holidays are Coming series didn’t arrive until 1995. For the last 29 years, Santa Claus has come to television sets across the globe. It was Coca-Cola that changed the very image of Santa Claus, who was once known for being Green and Skinny. Now he is known for the same bright red as Coco-Cola, with a plump figure and considerably larger beard. That’s right; the Coco-Cola Corporation quite literally changed Christmas.