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Marketing With A Difference

While marketing is for most quite a head-ache, B2B is a competitive arena, and you need to be on top of innovation if you wish to compete with the top dogs, others see opportunity in the strangest places, and even Modern Family is now part of realtors marketing strategies. Due to the value of traditional […]

B2B Buying Behaviour Influences

There are many factors that influence peoples buying behaviour, and on the other side of the coin, there are also many factors in how products are marketed that influences the behaviour in sales. High-value B2B trade creates a highly involved sales atmosphere it is affected by several factors including the average sales per person, the […]

What is Business to Business Marketing?

Have you ever wondered how Fortune 500 companies provide new desktop computers to 2,000 employees? These companies will never send someone to a retail store for an order that big, yet these transactions are crucial to the success of the business’ future. B2B marketing or Business-to-business marketing essentially incorporates the sale of one organisation’s service […]

Product Managers as Writers – Is Content the Newest Must-Have Product Feature?

I have been helping a small company get a strategic content generation service launched as part of my product management consulting lately and, in doing so, have stumbled on the theories of Content Marketing.   It is an interesting, fast-growing side-effect of Web 2.0 – now that users are generating content, companies have to begin generating […]

Does your Product Collateral Support your Sales Process?

In an earlier post, I advocated that marketers design their marketing launch plans to better serve the sales cycle process. I thought I should provide a few examples about how to achieve that objective. There are many sales methodologies out there, and every sale situation is different. However, sales cycle processes typically include at least four […]