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Xbox Hires New Director of Product Marketing

The Xbox Corporation, a subsidiary of Microsoft, has announced a new director for product marketing. This information comes after Xbox has struggled to keep fans on their console, with the conversion rate to PlayStation growing monthly. Lack of games and proper product marketing has cost the Xbox Corporation this generation cycle. Moving into 2020, both […]

How Playtech dominated the gambling and financial trading industries

Playtech is one of the world’s leading casino software developers. Established in 1999, the company now trades on the London Stock Exchange and offers its partners a huge range of online and mobile games and betting options, including casino, bingo, online pokies, poker, sports betting, fixed odds and live games. Online pokies is probably the […]

Three Steps in the Guide to Marketing

There are quite a few steps in this guide, but this week we will take a look at target markets, goal setting and using technology. Knowing your buyer is crucial. You need to know them inside out so that the content you choose to present to them is appealing and relevant. The channels you want […]

B2B Mobile Marketing

It is quite surprising to learn that only about half of the B2B marketing targets mobile users. A survey in 2015 revealed that only about 50% of marketing in B2B focused on mobile and even those don’t specifically focus on generating new leads but instead use it to get existing clients to engage with the […]

B2B vs. B2C

When you plan your marketing strategy, you might find yourself limited when it comes to the type of consumers you’d like to attract. For example, is it better to target businesses who can use your product and service or would individual purchase it more? It’s a difficult question to answer, especially when you just started […]