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B2B Mobile Marketing

It is quite surprising to learn that only about half of the B2B marketing targets mobile users. A survey in 2015 revealed that only about 50% of marketing in B2B focused on mobile and even those don’t specifically focus on generating new leads but instead use it to get existing clients to engage with the […]

B2B vs. B2C

When you plan your marketing strategy, you might find yourself limited when it comes to the type of consumers you’d like to attract. For example, is it better to target businesses who can use your product and service or would individual purchase it more? It’s a difficult question to answer, especially when you just started […]

B2B Social Inbound Marketing Explained

Inbound marketing is defined as a strategy to attract potential clients to your business, which as we know can be achieved in many ways. In today’s online-driven world, company websites have become the most popular as businesses and clients are able to search for products, read about them and head straight to the business selling […]

Professional B2B Firm Growth Strategies

For most considering B2B marketing, outbound and direct techniques come to mind, finding other businesses that could benefit from your services directly and sending a proposal. While this is a very effective way to B2B marketing, the success rate depends on your technique. Considering the ever-changing business and marketing environment, it’s almost as if businesses […]

How to Apply the World’s Most Effective Marketing Campaign to Your Business

The story of the world’s most effective B2B marketing campaign is one of how a man took his budget worth $6,000 and turned it into $64 million if he can, so can you. Most marketers are familiar with HubSpot, and if not, you have heard about content marketing. Content marketing is just one of the […]