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Thirteen Year Product Marketing Campaign Terminated

Product Marketing Analysts were shocked with the unexpected headline that Cadbury had lost their thirteen-year partnership with the National Trust. It marks a significant loss for the United Kingdom youth, with Marketing Week being the news source that broke this story out. This decision wasn’t made by executives with the Cadbury Company but instead determined […]

Doritos 2020 Superbowl Marketing

It’s been more than two decades since PepsiCo Frito-Lay releases the Doritos Cool Ranch brand. Recently it’s suffered in popularity, resulting in profits dropping at high percentages. This has forced the Doritos brand to reposition this product into the 2020s, which is why this company is releasing a newly reformed Superbowl advertisement. This comes after […]

Heinz Releasing Honey & Siracha Hybrid Condiment

Consumers will be receiving a new savoury sauce in Spring 2020. The Heinz Corporation announced that they’re releasing a Honey and Siracha hybrid sauce, which they claim will be the best way to bring flavour to dozens of recipes. When this condiment is released to shelves in North America, there will be a product marketing […]

2020 Is Pepsi’s Year

The Pepsi-Co Corporation is planning to compete against Coca-Cola in 2020. Though these two corporations have faced each other in the soda market, this is the first time their battling for the best coffee beverage. It was announced that Pepsi Café would be released to American retail chains in April 2020. Available for a limited […]

McDonald’s Releases Longest Advertisement Ever

Advertising campaigns have changed drastically in the last decade, with most of those alterations occurring in the previous year. Anything goes with social media advertising, which was proven this week when McDonald’s released a four-hour video on YouTube. This YouTube Advertisement displayed a looping video of frying bacon, sliced tomato, iceberg lettuce, and various other […]