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Buyback Initiative Announced by Ikea

The second-hand furniture industry could receive an unexpected revitalization following the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been announced by Ikea, the most prominent furniture manufacturer & seller worldwide, that they’re launching a subsidiary initiative based around second-hand furniture. The Swedish-established retailer is launching their “Buyback Initiative” in November 2020. Multiple products not needed inside homes can be […]

Fitness+ Subscription Service Announced by Apple

Corporations globally are working to reinforce their product marketing campaigns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, hoping to combat lower sales by acquiring larger percentages of their respective market. That’s been similar for the Apple Company, who announced their latest subscription service. Named Apple Fitness+, this service is incredibly reminiscent of Peloton for iOS. Almost all elements […]

Uber Announces Electric Fleet for 2040

Automotive manufacturers worldwide are beginning to consider the concept of electric vehicles. This follows after Tesla’s market share continues to grow yearly. With additional models slated to release under Elon Musk’s watch, competing manufacturers must release their respective electric vehicles to maintain their profits. Electric vehicles becoming more commonplace will assist other industries like Taxis […]

Disney Releases Two Halloween Board Games

The Disney Company releases new products yearly for the Halloween season, hoping to capitalize on the financial gain that’s associated with this holiday. Disney has begun announcing their upcoming products, with two board games being announced. The first is an exclusive themed version of Monopoly, based around “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. The 2nd board game […]

Kellogg’s, Kroger, and Dairy Queen Launch New Ice Creams

Summer 2020 is nearly half-way complete, with the masses have hardly enjoyed the adorning weather. There are few ways to enjoy the summer holidays this year, with largescale corporations using unique product marketing campaigns to excite their consumers. Three companies have adopted this concept by creating new ice creams & releasing them to stores since […]