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The Marketing Cycle

For many, many centuries marketing has been in practice. It is highly effective and yet there are still many companies who do not follow its guidelines. Contrary to widespread belief, marketing has a lot more to it than colourful prints and payoff lines. Marketing is important, crucial actually, as it focuses on product, prices, and […]

How Effective Storytelling Can Improve Your Business

Watch and learn; the examples are endless. To achieve the same results for your business like the financial giants do, then watch the experts and learn from their efforts. Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Coca-Cola, to name just a few of success giants who changed their marketing plan from the scientific to the humane. Communicating across the […]

Online Operators Only Change on Survival is to Become Information Powerhouses

Operators do have a secret weapon, and it is called content marketing. When asked about the marketing strategies in online gambling, the director of Ghostfoundary, Martyn Hannah, revealed that the only way to survival is information powerhouses. There is only one thing online casino operators and sportsbooks can do right now to increase player retention […]

HyperDeck Extreme Designed by Blackmagic

On the 8th of April, Blackmagic announced its new innovative broadcast deck called the HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR with advanced H.265 combining a touch screen with recording. The user interface offers traditional controls of broadcast decks and the brand new HyperDeck Extremely 8 K HDR will be available at Blackmagic Design sellers around the globe […]

Dominating Marketing Trends in 2019 – Highly Interactive Video Content

Marketing via videos is a progressive marketing trend for quite a few years and continues to increase via websites, blogs and social media. The successful video blogs include everything from baking to make-up, dog-training to sportsbetting. Numerous online casino software developers also announce upcoming slots or other casino games via video footage. Although, the trend […]