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Walt Disney’s Shanghai Disney Resort Closed

The Shanghai Disney Resort will, until further notice, be closed by the Walt Disney Corporation in their efforts to assist the spreading of the flu-like virus that is impacting people in China, a move that will cost the theme park over the holiday season in China substantially. At the moment, the Chinese are celebrating the […]

2020 Is Pepsi’s Year

The Pepsi-Co Corporation is planning to compete against Coca-Cola in 2020. Though these two corporations have faced each other in the soda market, this is the first time their battling for the best coffee beverage. It was announced that Pepsi Café would be released to American retail chains in April 2020. Available for a limited […]

The Best Product Manager Traits

Becoming a product manager requires passion and inspiration. Corporations want an employee who will be dedicated to their products and create new avenues for growth. Learning how to appeal to these corporations can be challenging, which is where the online community of Roadmap comes into play. Innovative product managers converse through Roadmap to share their […]

Influencer Marketing Explained

Advertising costs can be a steep price to pay for many smaller businesses. In addition to that, statistics indicate that the impact of this kind of advertising becomes less effective. Hence more people are turning towards influencer marketing which is not only much easier on the budget but also contains an element of persuasion. In […]

Hootsuite Saving You Time

Social media platforms play a vital role in any small and medium business’s marketing plan. It is affordable and enables marketers to specify the specific target groups which they want to reach. There are also many social media platforms available to establish a presence on, which is required for successfully building a brand. Yet for […]