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Tesla Raising $5 Billion in Share Offering

Investor finances have driven Tesla’s growth over the last decade, prompting its namesake to become synonymous with other automotive manufacturers like GMC & Honda. Between September & December of 2020, Tesla’s acquisition of investor funds has grown tenfold. CEO Elon Musk has sustained two funding rounds for obtaining financial aid. The second was announced on […]

Profits for Mark & Spencer Drop by 15.8%

An iconic company that’s maintained growth throughout the United Kingdom for nine decades has released their Q2 & Q3 reporters. The 2nd & 3rd quarter from Mark & Spencer’s Clothing saw sale volumes decline by 15.8%, which equates to £87.6 million being lost for this influential company. That doesn’t mean Mark & Spencer’s will sustain […]

Fitness+ Subscription Service Announced by Apple

Corporations globally are working to reinforce their product marketing campaigns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, hoping to combat lower sales by acquiring larger percentages of their respective market. That’s been similar for the Apple Company, who announced their latest subscription service. Named Apple Fitness+, this service is incredibly reminiscent of Peloton for iOS. Almost all elements […]

Disney Releases Two Halloween Board Games

The Disney Company releases new products yearly for the Halloween season, hoping to capitalize on the financial gain that’s associated with this holiday. Disney has begun announcing their upcoming products, with two board games being announced. The first is an exclusive themed version of Monopoly, based around “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. The 2nd board game […]

Spotify Invests Into Eastern Europe

Thirteen Eastern European markets are obtaining access to Spotify starting on July 14th. Spotify confirmed earlier in June that they’d expand their horizons throughout nations like Russia & Serbia, sustaining millions of new customers under the right marketing campaigns. Considering the popularity of Spotify as an international brand, their success in Eastern Europe is almost […]