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Managing by Influence

I used the following text as a base for my presentation at the recent ProductCamp in Chicago on June 19. The presentation is available here. In the knowledge economy, many of us are responsible for one or several  products, services, projects or initiatives. We are held accountable to get things done, but we often do not have the […]

Product Managers Must Feel The Pain

Customer pain points are a good way to start an investigation about new products or even a major feature of your new release. Granted, and to paraphrase Henry Ford, customers familiar with horses won’t think to ask you about a car, but it is a starting point. The sales force is an invaluable source of […]

Service Management For Product Managers

In my consulting practice, I have been working a lot lately to define a service line for one of my clients.  It’s a strategic content generation service that we are packaging as a standardized, multi-customer offering. I find that it has a lot of the same high-level needs that a product might have – pricing, packaging, […]

Published! Pragmatic Marketing Monthly Newsletter

Thanks for all your comments on our Product Manager Wanted post. This topic really struck a cord with the product management community – in fact, the good folks over at Pragmatic Marketing are including it as part of their monthly newsletter. With new articles for technology product managers and marketers each month, it’s definitely worth […]

Happy New Year 2010

Thanks to the 862 unique visitors who read our pages 3,800 times since we started a little more than 3 months ago. Happy new year for 2010 wherever you are.