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Spotify Invests Into Eastern Europe

Thirteen Eastern European markets are obtaining access to Spotify starting on July 14th. Spotify confirmed earlier in June that they’d expand their horizons throughout nations like Russia & Serbia, sustaining millions of new customers under the right marketing campaigns. Considering the popularity of Spotify as an international brand, their success in Eastern Europe is almost […]

Tesla Selling Short Shorts

The Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Tesla confirmed their latest product releasing to the digital retail store. Elon Musk revealed through Twitter that the Red Satin Tesla Short Shorts are arriving this summer. Considered a novelty item from Tesla, this product is meant to honour their legacy hysterically. Dedicated supporters behind Tesla understand the […]

Kellogg’s Introduces Two New Cereals

Consumers have been reintroduced to the Froot Loops Cereal by various new products hitting store shelves in North America. This began with the “Froot Loops Candy Canes”, which didn’t sell to expectations. Kellogg’s reobtained their financial losses by introducing the Froot Loops & Frosted Flakes Mashup Cereal. These recent examples are outweighed by their latest […]

iOS 14 Announced by Apple

The iPhone revolutionized how humans worldwide engage in their daily lifestyles. However, that innovation was shortly lived & overtaken by its main competitor of Android. Ever since the initial version of iOS was released, Apple has copied features implemented in their competitor’s software. This was proven again at WDC2020 with the announcement of iOS 14. […]

The 2020 Asus ZenBook Duo

Millions throughout North America have seen advertisements for the 2020 Asus ZenBook Duo. It’s the latest Windows Laptop meant to compete against Apple’s MacBook Lineup. Similar to the strategies implored by Apple, consumers sacrifice internal strength for stunning aesthetics. Those not requiring a powerful laptop for editing videos & photographs are best suited for Asus’s […]