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Disney Releases Two Halloween Board Games

The Disney Company releases new products yearly for the Halloween season, hoping to capitalize on the financial gain that’s associated with this holiday. Disney has begun announcing their upcoming products, with two board games being announced. The first is an exclusive themed version of Monopoly, based around “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. The 2nd board game […]

Portuguese Scientist Create Coronavirus Killing Face Mask

Innovation for viral medical products is growing daily, with the COVID-19 Pandemic continuing to ravage the worldwide economy. Portuguese Scientists announced on July 28th that they’d made a formidable breakthrough with coronavirus protective devices, confirming a face mask which supports special coating in its structure. This assists with the destruction of COVID-19 whenever it contacts […]

Kellogg’s, Kroger, and Dairy Queen Launch New Ice Creams

Summer 2020 is nearly half-way complete, with the masses have hardly enjoyed the adorning weather. There are few ways to enjoy the summer holidays this year, with largescale corporations using unique product marketing campaigns to excite their consumers. Three companies have adopted this concept by creating new ice creams & releasing them to stores since […]

Spotify Invests Into Eastern Europe

Thirteen Eastern European markets are obtaining access to Spotify starting on July 14th. Spotify confirmed earlier in June that they’d expand their horizons throughout nations like Russia & Serbia, sustaining millions of new customers under the right marketing campaigns. Considering the popularity of Spotify as an international brand, their success in Eastern Europe is almost […]

Tesla Selling Short Shorts

The Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Tesla confirmed their latest product releasing to the digital retail store. Elon Musk revealed through Twitter that the Red Satin Tesla Short Shorts are arriving this summer. Considered a novelty item from Tesla, this product is meant to honour their legacy hysterically. Dedicated supporters behind Tesla understand the […]