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Westpac Bank Fined $1.3 Billion.

Money laundering, it defines how banking institutions engage with their customers & how international markets operate. Whenever an operator of trustworthy dignity is found money laundering for financial gain, it destabilizes that trust & prompts consumers to question if that banking institution is honourable. That question has been placed onto customers at Westpac Bank in […]

Goodyear Company Attacked by President Trump

The President of America, Donald Trump, has demanded that supporting constituents boycott the Goodyear Company. The Tyre Company has experienced an influx of controversy over political correctness at their workplace. Goodyear has informed employed personnel that attire bearing Trump campaign logos, slogans, or symbols won’t be allowed. However, Goodyear is permitting workforces to stand for […]

Johnson & Johnson Releasing Inclusive Hues for Band-Aid

The Johnson & Johnson Company has announced that many are claiming is long overdue. It was revealed that Band-Aid would release multiple skin tones for their adhesive bandages. This brand first came into existence during 1920, obtaining initial fame & fortune during the second world war. One century later & the introduction of African American […]

Sponsorships Losses with Postponed Olympics

The International Olympic Committee the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, which disappointed the IOC but was a necessary decision amidst the global Covid-19 Pandemic. These committee organizers confirmed that these scheduled games will still take place in Tokyo, with delays sustaining twelve months. It’s expected that the Tokyo Summer Olympics won’t be held […]

Service Level Agreements in a Software as a Service World (1/2)

In my last posting, I mentioned that I would elaborate on Service Level Agreements and how they affect the Product Manager.  Product Managers have to be proactively engaged in the definition of the SLAs.  If the SLA is not managed properly, you may put your own company at risk. We have been at a customer […]