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Nissan Demands Brexit Deadline be Finalized

Alterations in manufacturing have been sustained throughout Great Britain & Northern Ireland, which follows after the United Kingdom left the European Union. This decision wasn’t easily made & took years of discussions amongst parliament leaders to finalize. The European Union didn’t take kindly to the UK’s decision, prompting demands that “Trade Deals” be signed by […]

Trump Support Grow Has $2.3 Million Stolen.

Hackers have begun fighting back against Russian & Chinese cybercriminal organizations. This follows after these organizations were responsible for altering the 2016 American Election, and enabling Donald Trump to become the US President. Hacking groups worldwide have begun targeting the campaigns of whichever Presidential Elect is preferred, with an overwhelming number of attacks occurring for […]

Donald Trump Found with Chinese Bank Account

It’s shocking & almost unbelievable to think that President Donald Trump would maintain a Chinese bank account. POTUS Trump has stood firmly against the Chinese Communist Party, refusing to fall privy to their strategically illegal methods of conducting business. Trump implemented numerous tariffs onto China that are still active today. However, it’s been revealed that […]

Westpac Bank Fined $1.3 Billion.

Money laundering, it defines how banking institutions engage with their customers & how international markets operate. Whenever an operator of trustworthy dignity is found money laundering for financial gain, it destabilizes that trust & prompts consumers to question if that banking institution is honourable. That question has been placed onto customers at Westpac Bank in […]

Goodyear Company Attacked by President Trump

The President of America, Donald Trump, has demanded that supporting constituents boycott the Goodyear Company. The Tyre Company has experienced an influx of controversy over political correctness at their workplace. Goodyear has informed employed personnel that attire bearing Trump campaign logos, slogans, or symbols won’t be allowed. However, Goodyear is permitting workforces to stand for […]