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Sponsorships Losses with Postponed Olympics

The International Olympic Committee the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, which disappointed the IOC but was a necessary decision amidst the global Covid-19 Pandemic. These committee organizers confirmed that these scheduled games will still take place in Tokyo, with delays sustaining twelve months. It’s expected that the Tokyo Summer Olympics won’t be held […]

Service Level Agreements in a Software as a Service World (1/2)

In my last posting, I mentioned that I would elaborate on Service Level Agreements and how they affect the Product Manager.  Product Managers have to be proactively engaged in the definition of the SLAs.  If the SLA is not managed properly, you may put your own company at risk. We have been at a customer […]

Is the legal department derailing your launch?

There are many reasons that as a product manager you interact with the legal department: When introducing a new product or package, you need the customer facing contract to reflect and enforce your service level agreement, warranty, pricing and discount decisions When working with your business development group to negotiate a new technical or strategic […]