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Kevin Mayer Departs as TikTok CEO

Reports surrounding the acquisition of TikTok have fueled the business community since President Donald Trump announced their effective ban in the United States. The ban comes after data revealed that ByteDance, the operators of TikTok, was collecting information for the Chinese Government. This social media product took American consumer data & multiple other nations, including […]

New Leadership Coming to LinkedIn

Significant alterations in executive staffing with LinkedIn is coming this year. This follows an announcement from the chief executive officer, who confirmed that he’d be leaving the company after an eleven-year stint in this role. Jeff Weiner has been responsible for the growth and demand of LinkedIn’s 675 million consumers. He’ll step down from this […]

Improve Your Leadership Communication

Becoming the best leader possible can sometimes be a challenging task. Taking an executive role in a corporation can invoke stress at first. However, the best leaders learn to master communication and create new ideas that continue to keep their clients loyal. It’s a talent that can be continually refined. Below we have provided five […]

Drive your New Product Management Team to Success

Congratulations! You now have the opportunity to lead a team of other product managers. Or maybe you want to position yourself as a contender for a leadership position and make a proposal.  What should be your first steps? You already know about the constraints: your product managers are very busy, so any new team-building effort […]

Innovate in 12 Dimensions

When it comes to innovation, I have been guilty of thinking only in one dimension. I have mostly focused only on new features and functionality changes in my products that differentiate it from the competition. I know I am not the only product manager with this limitation. However, not envisioning a new initiative as a […]