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Business cases that work Part 1/2

There is a time in the life of a product manager where a justification is needed to start a new product, prove its value or expand its capabilities. As a product manager, you are competing against other company resources and a business case is a great opportunity to demonstrate to the company your judgment and […]

Developing a New Product? Start with the Price

It’s usually true that most members of an organization appreciate how pricing has the potential to be used as a strategic tool. Unfortunately, it is also fairly universal that many are at a loss as how to best incorporate pricing into their new product development process for strategic advantage. At many software companies new products […]

Is the legal department derailing your launch?

There are many reasons that as a product manager you interact with the legal department: When introducing a new product or package, you need the customer facing contract to reflect and enforce your service level agreement, warranty, pricing and discount decisions When working with your business development group to negotiate a new technical or strategic […]