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The Whiskey Campaign Saving Christmas Driving

Corporations are selecting which method of marketing is best during the 2020 holidays. Most have chosen to continue their holiday campaigns, working towards prominent profits for Q4 2020. Some companies have determined that running their holiday campaigns would be received as disrespectful during the Covid-19 pandemic. 1.31 million have died worldwide from this virus, with […]

Tim Hortons Expanding in the UK

Restaurant Brands International announced an expansion of a prominent brand under their leadership. RBI Co. revealed that Tim Hortons is expanding outside of North America, and into the United Kingdom. The brand was infamously known to Canadians for decades until the late 2010s when Tim Hortons was sold to Restaurant Brands International. RBI taking ownership […]

Uber Announces Electric Fleet for 2040

Automotive manufacturers worldwide are beginning to consider the concept of electric vehicles. This follows after Tesla’s market share continues to grow yearly. With additional models slated to release under Elon Musk’s watch, competing manufacturers must release their respective electric vehicles to maintain their profits. Electric vehicles becoming more commonplace will assist other industries like Taxis […]

iOS 14 Announced by Apple

The iPhone revolutionized how humans worldwide engage in their daily lifestyles. However, that innovation was shortly lived & overtaken by its main competitor of Android. Ever since the initial version of iOS was released, Apple has copied features implemented in their competitor’s software. This was proven again at WDC2020 with the announcement of iOS 14. […]

Bullet-Proof your Business Case in less than 8 hours

In a previous post, I presented a method that product managers can use to integrate the stakeholders’ inputs into their business case, rapidly assess their impact on specific goals and, as a result, increase everyone’s confidence in the quality of the decision regarding the business case. In the same post I then made the claim that […]