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Psychology and Marketing

A big part of marketing is understanding your consumers and their behaviour. Once you have dissected the market and determined precisely who you are targeting, you can begin to understand them. Considering two friends, the more time they spend with each other, the better they understand each other. Often you know what your husband is […]

Connect the Team with Slack

There are so many ways to keep in touch with the team these days. You can chat on Gmail, Skype, Whatsapp and much more. However, all of these platforms seem to focus more on communicating than sharing information. Sure, you can send a file on Skype and all the rest, but what if you could […]

What is B2B Marketing?

To fully understand what b2b marketing is, we need to understand marketing in general. So, let’s start there. A considerably basic definition of marketing is a process including advertising and market research, to promote an entity’s products or the services they render. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, there is a lot that goes into marketing. […]

How to market your business through LinkedIn

Last week we inspected Yelp and looked at how it could help boost your company’s standing amongst other companies. The week before we dissected Trello, this week we will put LinkedIn under the magnifying glass. Using these, and similar, applications in intelligent and creative ways could get your company’s name out there, on the lips […]

How to use Yelp to the advantage of your Business

There are still some people out there who do not know this app, which is hard to believe as it has around 90 million visitors monthly. It also boasts the accomplishment of being one of the top downloaded play store apps. Yelp is an excellent tool for your Business in more ways than one and […]