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Enter the E-commerce Market with Shopify

The e-commerce market is an ever-growing sector in the world of consumerism. Therefore if you are not yet selling your products online, then maybe now is the time to take some serious consideration about getting your online shop up and running. Even though there are many ways to tackle this task, which might initially seem […]

Terrible Marketing Mistakes

Connecting with your customers is the main objective of any marketing campaign. You want the world to talk about your brand in a complimenting way, to refer people to your business and to achieve financial success by breaking through barriers of mediocrity. Marketing mistakes can rob you of ever achieving these ideals; it can lead […]

Branding Tips 101

There are two ways of making a success of your business. You could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, euros, or pounds, hiring highly qualified, top branding companies to draw up your logo, to design and maintain your website and to add appeal to your brand. The other way is to” learn from those who […]

Psychology and Marketing

A big part of marketing is understanding your consumers and their behaviour. Once you have dissected the market and determined precisely who you are targeting, you can begin to understand them. Considering two friends, the more time they spend with each other, the better they understand each other. Often you know what your husband is […]

Connect the Team with Slack

There are so many ways to keep in touch with the team these days. You can chat on Gmail, Skype, Whatsapp and much more. However, all of these platforms seem to focus more on communicating than sharing information. Sure, you can send a file on Skype and all the rest, but what if you could […]