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Learning from the Best – Continued

Last week we explored some of Gary Vaynerchuk’s valuable marketing strategies. This Belarusian born entrepreneur, speaker, author and internet persona is well-known for his involvement in consulting with large firms, including Fortune 500 companies. His companies include VaynerX, VaynerMedia and Gallery Media Group. Finding Your Niche Market Last week we discussed how to market a […]

Buffer – Social Media Management Made Easy

Living in a mobile world, smartphones became our go-to device for almost everything. There is probably nothing left that can’t be done from your smartphone and now the quest remains to find the best possible application to do the job for you. Marketing your business is one of the primary functions which any business owner […]

B2B Marketing, Tips on Spending Time Where It Matters to Save Time Later On

The term “time is money” rings nowhere in a more real sense than in the world of B2B marketing. Effectivity and productivity are considered to be saving solutions. Therefore, let’s explore tips to save you time in your business’s marketing strategy. Spend More Time on Planning Than On Executing The idea of spending a lot […]

LinkedIn Excels as Social Media Marketing Tool

LinkedIn has more than 575 million users, of which more than 260 million are active monthly. Many of these are decision-makers, in senior-level positions or company influencers. Statistics indicate that LinkedIn is by far the most popular platform for B2Bcontent marketing, and it is excellent for lead generation. Research shows LinkedIn is 277% more successful […]

Social Media Marketing, Know Your Followers

Your social media accounts have been set up, and your number of followers is growing. It is a proud moment, but it is not reflecting in your bottom line. Why? It is not the number of followers in your crowd that matters; it is the quality of the followers. In general, 1% of your followers […]