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Taking B2B Marketing Emails to the Next Level

There are many ways to achieve more with B2B marketing, but many are moving away from the “old fashioned” methods, which now happens to include emails as well. Most think these emails naturally fall into the spam folder of potential clients and are never even looked at, which is true for those who send irrelevant […]

Generating More Leads

Being part of a B2B marketing team can be highly stressful, especially with the sales team on your case about more leads that offer better results and don’t have as many dead ends. Of course, everyone wants more leads that end in a successful business, which is a lot easier said than done, experience for […]

Millennials shunning traditional employment

The baby boomers might not like it, and even Generation X are known to be less than thrilled with it; why are so many millennials shunning traditional employment and jobs, and going into business for themselves? With so many entrepreneurs and freelancers out there, surely there must be something the older generations just don’t see? […]

Build Your Personal Credibility by Leveraging Your Company’s Existing Assets

Few moments bring more credibility to product managers than when they are able to provide rock-solid market facts to defend their strategy against opinions or third-hand customer single data points raised earlier at the water cooler. Yet finding truly relevant, uncontested and trusted customer data is a daunting challenge. It is also time-consuming. Of course […]