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UK Unemployment Rate to Reach 2.6 Million by 2021

The United Kingdom’s Exchequer Chancellor made an unfortunate announcement that’s seen worrisome reactions from civilian personnel. Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed that by Mid-2021, the unemployment rate throughout Great Britain & Northern Ireland would increase to 2.3 Million. An official announcement was issue by Sunak when revealing his 2020 Spending Review, which clarified the “Covid Economic […]

Walmart+ Announcement Raises Shares by 6%

The Walmart Corporation shocked its investors & consumers by announcing a subscription service that focuses on their grocery products. August 31st marked the date when “Walmart+” was announced & an immediate positive reaction was seen throughout Wall Street. Forthcoming perks associated with this membership program saw an influx of pre-registrations, allowing for the Walmart Corporation […]

UK Economy Shrinks by 20.4%

The United Kingdom economy has shrunk by 20.4% since Q2 2020, marking the most prominent drop recorded since after World War Two. It’s placed the United Kingdom into a deep recession, more significant than any other global economy of G7 status. Stalemates in economic growth aren’t surprising in the United Kingdom; it’s something their financial […]

Influencer Marketing Explained

Advertising costs can be a steep price to pay for many smaller businesses. In addition to that, statistics indicate that the impact of this kind of advertising becomes less effective. Hence more people are turning towards influencer marketing which is not only much easier on the budget but also contains an element of persuasion. In […]

Hootsuite Saving You Time

Social media platforms play a vital role in any small and medium business’s marketing plan. It is affordable and enables marketers to specify the specific target groups which they want to reach. There are also many social media platforms available to establish a presence on, which is required for successfully building a brand. Yet for […]