Buffer – Social Media Management Made Easy

Living in a mobile world, smartphones became our go-to device for almost everything. There is probably nothing left that can’t be done from your smartphone and now the quest remains to find the best possible application to do the job for you. Marketing your business is one of the primary functions which any business owner or marketer uses their smartphones for. When professionals get asked which application is their choice to deliver time-saving yet excellent results, the number one answer is Buffer.

Managing Various Social Media Platforms

An online presence on various social media platforms is often the core foundation of your marketing plan. Keeping them all updated is a time-consuming and daunting task. Unless you have multiple hands and can multi-task like a pro or have an application like Buffer. With Buffer, you can link various social media accounts like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and you can even organize your tweets. This is extremely beneficial for when you are taking some time away from your marketing desk and need to plan. You can then schedule your tweets to go live at a certain time and day, hence your platforms stay updated while you aren’t even there.

More about Buffer

Buffer was released in 2010 by Buffer Inc. and they have had a stable release in 2015. The application is available on multiple platforms including web, iOS, and Android. They have more than 4.5 million users registered on the application which generates over $16 million in revenue per year.

Buffer Offers a Variety of Solutions

With Buffer, users can not only schedule posts in advance but also tailor posts to suit your specific needs according to every social media platforms requirements. Users also can get an overview glance on posts that are scheduled for publishing. Buffer is easy to use and the simplicity of the application is adding to its popularity among marketers. It offers users media-friendly possibilities and easy linking of videos, images, and hyperlinks. Once your posts were published, you can track every post’s performance and monitor the statistics on how many times it was shared, liked and commented upon. Buffer allows users to schedule posts on up to five different social media platforms. These include Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook which includes groups, pages, and profiles as well as on Google pages and profiles. Buffer does offer a free plan which is very suitable for smaller businesses, but once you have upgraded, Pinterest also opens up as an available platform to post on.

Planning your social media marketing campaigns have never been so easy and affordable. With Buffer’s free plan users get access to three social media accounts and it provides unlimited scheduling with as many as ten posts stored in a queue. You will also have access to monitoring your post’s results through their analytics and hence will be able to see the number of interactions that your post generated. Indeed a brilliant solution for any small business.