Britain Economy Crashing in Latest Lockdown

November 2020 saw the United Kingdom government ascertain largescale loans, with economic recessions resulting from coronavirus forcing an increase in borrowing. The “Office has released figures regarding the amount loaned for National Statistics”. Clarification is given in these reports that £31.6 Billion was acquired in November 2020. It marks the 3rd highest amount loaned to the United Kingdom in history.

Most wouldn’t blink looking at the £31.6 Billion obtained to sustain the UK Economy, with the majority understanding that this amount is standard to maintain a prominent nation whilst millions cannot work requires central funds. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has struggled to ascertain where loaned finances should arrive, with the spending-revenue gap maintained by Parliament in 2020 being the highest in years. It’s known that since April 2020, £241 Billion has been borrowed to support the United Kingdom’s economy. It’s estimated that figure could reach a substantial £372.2 Billion by March 2021, marking the highest loaning-year to date in UK history.

Britain’s Food Industry is Suffering

Loans aren’t the only concern for Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Borders nearby the European Union are closed, meaning ports have been shut down. The food industry in Post-Brexit is sustaining lower revenue. Statements were released by the FDA (Food & Drink Federation) that clarified when Parliament closed UKs borders & EU Agents responded by shutting down ports; it proved to foreign corporations that supply chains from Great Britain cannot be trusted. British products are regularly becoming less trusted because of Brexit.

Rationing Across Great Britain

Nation-wide lockdowns following an outbreak of Covid-19s mutated strain has prompted corporations to alter their operations. Grocers like Tesco have placed limitations on specific goods. Rice, Soap, Eggs, and Toilet Paper cannot be purchased in large quantities. Tesco introduced these measures via email, noting that consumers can buy 3x of each item. Tesco has recommended customers social distance & shop alone, while also promoting their online delivery services. Similar limitations were introduced in March 2020 when Tesco saw consumers purchasing £100.00 or higher on products like Toilet Paper.