Branding Tips 101

There are two ways of making a success of your business. You could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, euros, or pounds, hiring highly qualified, top branding companies to draw up your logo, to design and maintain your website and to add appeal to your brand. The other way is to” learn from those who have gone before you”. Look into case studies and be inspired. We are by no means suggesting copying other strategies, but it is a smart idea to follow some guidelines.

Style, style, style

The creative form of your branding must be both visually interesting and mirror your vision. Decide on the look and feel you would like and echo it throughout your branding and advertising. It should even be carried through to the post-purchase customer service. A brand to be inspired by, style-wise, is the Apple brand, it has topped Forbes’ most valuable brands eight consecutive years.

User-Friendly Interface

This is an integral part of the design. Your design choices affect your customer’s experience. You should aim high; you should want your potential consumers to feel understood and accommodated. Look at Dropbox, for example; they have a primary but identifiable logo. Not only is it easy to download this app, but it is also multiplatform compatible. Their mobile versions, web versions and desktop application sync with ease to one another and automatically.

K.I.S. Keep it simple. Generally, when someone decides to try your product, it is not because of all the specifications. These are typically the things that make them stay with your brand or leave it. What makes them buy it in the first place is that it appeals to them. Stick to one call to action or payoff line, on all platforms, from mass media to social media.

Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes. Know their pet peeves and avoid them. Know their problems and solve them. Use an emotional connection to form bonds and build relationships. All people like to feel important and understood. If they think this way, they will keep coming back for more.

Encourage positive word of mouth referrals

Social media can make or break your brand. Use it to your advantage; do not ever turn your back on the chance of being the topic of conversation. The internet is everywhere, embrace it. Any publicity is good publicity, even going against the flow. Think of’s Blue dot sale, for example. It is generally around the time of black Friday, but it continues for a week. That gets tongues wagging. They play on the colour and time frame, making them stand out. Be different, be bold.

There are many ways to create a brand. The above are a few guidelines, but it has been proven time and time again that when you come up with something new and exciting, unique, and entertaining, success is in your reach.