Best B2B Sales Apps for iPads

Just about everything we use in our personal and work lives has become more comfortable with the introduction of electronic technology. Allowing us to carry the tools we need with us wherever we go.

As some of us would know, there is a great system that allows us to keep track in real time of sales, back office details and so much more. This isn’t just useful for the management teams, but for the sales team, stock controllers and just about everyone else as well.

Many of the systems are available on computers, which already helps a lot when it comes to entering data or checking up on particular information. However, not many people are aware that these apps are also available on mobile devices, including the ever-popular Apple iPad.

These mobile devices allow you to access information about products, sales, prices and much more without having to contact anyone. Instead, the sales team can instantly see all the details, how much stock is available, the costs, possible discounts and much more. Not only does this make it easier for sale, but it’s also professional. Clients are bound to be impressed with how quickly answers are given instead of the old “I’ll have to get back to you on that” line.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular B2B sales apps for iPads and how they provide an advantage when it comes to getting the right info. Letting you close deals without a hassle


Nitro from Bunchball is an excellent addition for any sales team. It uses an exciting game education platform to provide goals, motivation, rewards and critical product information. It is not available as an app, but the website is accessible via our phones and tablets.

With Nitro, you can also see the performance of your team and the way each behaves with particular goals. Of course, you can also set the rewards, giving your team more reason to push hard and change the way they approach clients to close sales and reach the goals.


Pepperi is an excellent addition for any sales and back office team as it’s available on mobile devices and computers. It provides the sales team with loads of details, thanks to an e-category system along with tracking functions, display management and route tracking.

The system uses a CRM solution, offering a complete wholesale platform that keeps your sales team up to date with the latest details, stock and what’s available. It also helps them with after sales support, thanks to the tracking feature.


Dossier is an excellent app for both iPad and iPhone, which allows you to add even more customisation to your contacts, which focuses on sales. It’s a complete package with a notebook, CRM and an organiser, which is attached to your contact.

Often making a call, you can enter everything from a quick note through to pictures and even memos to ensure you remain up to date with what the client needs. This ensures you never forget to create a quote, provide additional details or call them back, thanks to reminders.