Best B2B Management Apps

Trying to keep up with what’s happening in your B2B company and switching between meetings all the time is nearly impossible, or it used to be at least. Now, with modern devices, apps and all types of communication methods, it’s become a lot easier, but as we all know, you need the right software to make the most of your abilities, especially when it comes to business.

Having the right B2B management app is one of the essentials as it allows you to catch up with what’s happening when you have time. Not only can you see what’s changed, but you can keep track of certain processes. We’ve come up with a list of the best apps for your needs, which are sure to help you around the office and to stay in the loop, even on those days where it’s one meeting after the other.


Asana is one of the very best management apps that doesn’t cost anything. It’s available on all devices, including smartphones via an app, Windows and Mac.

It allows you and your team to stay connected and is sure to become the perfect companion for all your needs. Not only can you assign tasks to team members, create subtasks and even include completion dates, but your team can update you on things that have to be done and even send each other requests. You and the team can attach notes, allowing everyone or particular members to see the progress of a task.

It syncs instantly across platforms, allowing everyone to get notifications, updates and new tasks instantly. It also keeps track of what’s been accepted, completed and when someone sees the task, allowing you to the peace of mind, knowing it’s been taken care of.

Google Analytics App

For those who need to keep track of the business website, Google Analytics has always been the best, but it’s only been available for PC users until recently. Now, you can keep up with the latest info for the website directly from your Android and iOS smartphone.

It offers many of the same features as we’ve seen with the analytics website, offering real-time data and information regarding the visitors and the actions they perform of the site itself. This is a great way to see what has to be done and how to change your marketing strategies to best suit your audience.

Combine Asana and Google

To get the best results, it’s best to combine Google Analytics with the features of Asana, allowing you to send tasks and updates from the data you see on the Analytics apps. For example, if you see many visitors from a region you’re not currently catering to, you can send a request to the marketing team to include more info about it and even ask the development team to make the required changes for a better-rounded site for all visitors.