Basic B2b Marketing Strategies You need to Know

Marketing a product to other businesses, for resale to other consumers defines business to business marketing.  It is a process that involves planning and implementing strategies with your client to create a solid sales pitch for your sales force.  It requires a complex decision-making process, so be thorough in your preparation phase.

In Business to Business, relationships are vital to the success of your business. This takes months, even years to develop and maintain, and there are generally many people and divisions to pay attention to – this is why your strategy is so important.  B2B needs to be located near to clients to manage the relationship effectively. To start, you need to address the following points:


What is your idea? This is fundamental to the success of your business. A vision statement is a clear vision of where you want to take your business, making sure everything you do from now on is aligned to creating this vision.


Make them tangible, but make sure you create short term, medium- and long-term goals. Consider all angles of the business – sales and marketing, revenue streams, and don’t forget individual team members – they are essential assets to any company!


These are measurable values and the key to making smart business decisions.  Always measure what is happening so that you can optimize your processes and decisions along the way.

Target Market

Who are you trying to attract? Focus on breaking down your offering into segments, so you ensure you get it the right first time – B2B is a timely and costly process.  Do your research – spot trends and track them and look for a gap.

Your Buyers

These are individuals that form part of the target market. They make emotional decisions, so consider their wants and needs, fears and desires.

The gap in the market

What have you identified to be a problem? What is missing in the market? Once you have spent time on the above, and you are confident you have analyzed every point, you can now create a journey for the client – making sure you include their key marketing messages and their unique selling proposition.  You need to ensure you get buy-in from everyone, so spend that time supporting and guiding team members on the journey, this is a good use of your time to ensure implementation is smooth.


When it comes to decisions surrounding software, make sure you find a solution that is fully integrated, compatible and intelligent.  Has it been built with operational improvement in mind?  Many cost-effective products rely on varying lengths of subscriptions.  Security is an essential factor; make sure the system you select does routine maintenance and system upgrades.

A final thought

The marketing world is evolving fast, remain competitive and always find ways to improve your processes.