B2B vs. B2C

When you plan your marketing strategy, you might find yourself limited when it comes to the type of consumers you’d like to attract. For example, is it better to target businesses who can use your product and service or would individual purchase it more?

It’s a difficult question to answer, especially when you just started out and not quite sure who would use it more. The best place to start would be with research. However, if you’re wondering which would be more profitable, then this is the article that’s bound to answer some of your questions!

Below, we look at the advantage of using either businesses or private buyers and the effects it has on your future. As I’m sure you know, both are great, but it also depends on how much you can produce and how much you can supply to meet the requirements of all the demand.


All businesses want to grow, but before you decide between B2B and B2C, be sure to have a look at how fast you’re able to grow. Some small newer companies have entered the B2B world, but it ends up running away from them. This is often due to not having the required things in place to expand as fast as the demand. Of course, you can control this as well, which would require limiting the business and just how many people can find you. This isn’t something most would want to do as it doesn’t give you the exposure you want.

For B2C, it requires a bit more marketing, and you’ll need to advertise in more places. However, the growth tends to happen much slower, allowing you to keep up with it and control it. Most companies who provide products find that most only buy once unless it’s something like make-up, creams or other products that people tend to buy each week or month.

Closing Deals

If you have loads of stock and can easily cater to businesses, the best way to go and get buyers would be to attract companies. Not only do they buy with less hesitation, but they also tend to buy more when they find a product that meet their requirements.

Private consumers tend to hold back a little when they find a new product, especially if it’s from a brand they aren’t familiar with. In fact, most would see the product, really want it, but only buy it when they’ve seen it a few times or read raving reviews on it.

It’s important to understand that B2C takes longer than B2B as there are additional steps involved with B2C, especially with careful buyers. However, once it builds up, you get good reviews and manage to impress with quality goods, you’ll be set and simply need to keep up with demand. Be sure to use multiple platforms and formats to get the most exposure and attract more people to your website.