B2B Mobile Websites – Yay or Nay?

B2B marketing involves many of the latest technological features to help get the word out about the business you provide. It does not matter what type of industry you are involved in, being available on mobile has become a must for everyone wanting to use the internet and be discovered.

Today, it is more important to have a mobile website and to have any website at all. This is simply because the amount of mobile Internet users has become more than that of PC-based browsers, meaning the majority of your audience will be using a mobile device to get in touch, not only via phone calls, but with emails, live chat and just about all other forms of communication as well.

HTML5 Websites

The best way to get onto mobile websites is to use an HTML5 site that combines the features of a PC-based site with a mobile site. The development process for these websites tend to take a little bit longer as you need to optimise all the information and options of your website for mobile users. However, the SEO rating benefits alone make it well worth the effort as search engines such as Google now make mobile sites a preference, meaning those with mobile capable websites will appear higher on Google than those who aren’t.

The great thing about HTML5 is the technology they use to incorporate everything from social media platforms through to special mobile features that allow your visitors to get in touch much easier and faster.

All-in-One Site

With HTML5 websites, you don’t need to have a separate website for computer and mobile, as the HTML5 platform can be accessed with just about any device. Therefore, the best way to get onto mobile would be to have your website redeveloped into the HTML5 format.

This could save loads of money as you can use the exact same content, pictures and even videos as you have on your current website. The only difference is that you’ll now have loads more options when it comes to the design of the site and how easy it is to use.

Even when you tried to manage the site, you’ll find the mobile optimisation takes only a few clicks once you have set up the page. Creating blogs and adding to pages actually require no adjustments as the HTML5 platform would automatically reorganise the contents of the page to best suit mobile devices.

One Site for All Screen Sizes

With HTML five website, there is no limit as to what device can contact to the site as the software automatically adjusts the content sizes, font size and layout according to the screen size and how the device is being used.

So, all you need to do is optimised the mobile section of your site and your users will be able to connect with laptops, iPad Pros, iPhone, Android and even Blackberry to gain a great experience and instantly get that professionalism feel from their mobile device.