B2B Marketing – Learning From the Best

Success can be achieved by learning from those who have been down the paths that you are taking and made it to the other side successfully. More so if that person is willing to part with valuable information gained during the journey. Such a person who is acclaimed for success in a variety of industries and a willingness to share is Belarusian born entrepreneur, speaker, internet persona and author, Gary Vaynerchuk. From starting in the wine industry, he has excelled in social media marketing, assisting many companies, often from the Fortune 500 list. He is involved in VaynerX, VaynerMedia and the Gallery Media Group. Over the next couple of articles, we will be exploring the details of his four most valuable marketing strategies in the B2B sector.

No 1 – Use Social Media to Market Small Events

With access to various social media platforms at your fingertips, you can decide exactly where, what and when you want to market it through your choice of platforms. This can be LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or wherever your preferred crowd is hanging out mostly. The kind of event which you would be hosting would revolve around something related to your industry, whether it is a wine tasting, a golf day, a cooking competition or anything else. Here the only limitation would be imagination. Regardless of which kind of event you decide on, you can follow the following steps to market it.

An Inexpensive Ad Campaign

Decide on what area you would be focusing on for your ad campaign. This is more geographically speaking, for example, if you are targeting golf clubs, then locate an area within your reach where many golf clubs are situated. Also, select pages which serve this market to advertise your event.

Authentic Video Footage is a Valuable Tool

You don’t need any expensive equipment or expertise. With the technology available on your smartphone, you can record an official video stating your story with ease. There are also several excellent video editing tools available if you feel that your video need some tweaking. In a rushed world, people are more prone to watch a two-minute video than reading a two-minute text. Include all the required details of your event in the copy of this video.

Survey with Open-Ended Questions

In Google Forms, you can design a perfectly good survey form for possible attendees to complete. Including directed open-ended questions will help you to determine which of these people are probably open to being converted into new clients and who you should spend less time on during the actual event.

Create the Perfect Event

With enough focused marketing and preparation, you will now have an audience attending your event who are keen on finding out more about what you do and will possibly be more comfortable to convert into new clients. This is now all done within a meagre marketing budget. Consider it to be a small investment into a significant return.