B2B E-commerce Trends in 2018

There are quite a few differences between B2C and B2B marketing, marketers are addressing completely different points, and in the majority of instances people are buying business solutions instead of purchasing for the sake of personal use. Even when there is a bit of overlapping when it comes to B2C and e-commerce B2B marketing, the trends remain different, and the new trend requires us all to adapt.

Millennials Decision Makers

There is no question when it comes to the buyers getting younger as it is Millennials that work their way to decision-making positions across all business sectors. Their relationship with modern technology makes their way of doing business differently as they are much more comfortable doing business online or even via their mobile devices. Even though Millennials understand that relationships in business matters, their way of doing things via the ease of intuitive interfaces matter much more and decision makers look up online reviews well ahead of purchasing.

No matter how businesses look at things, marketers and online testimonials enjoy priority. Additional changes required to appeal to the younger generation of B2B buyers also includes the following: Live chat on websites is one of the most important features, it is preferred above phone calls, while self-service sites allowing buyers to make purchases directly are far more favoured than those offering a request more information option. What plays a major role is to include testimonials on Google, social media and your own website.

B2B E-commerce via Mobile

Mobile usage continues to increase, and the younger decision-makers prefer using their mobiles. A report released by Google revealed that when it comes to B2B researchers mobile devices are used in 42% of the buying process, and 49% of researchers do their research via handheld devices. It might by far not be the majority but can anyone afford to isolate potential customers that makeup 42% of their purchasing audience?

A successful website is one that works excellently on desktop and mobile and therefore it is important to that the design must be fully responsive across all platforms and scale down to fit different screen sizes automatically. One-click options are favoured such as click-to-call, while drop-down menus are far more preferred than navigation bars.

Listen Socially What is Said About Your Brand

How well you know your customers do count although in knowing how they feel about the brand or your products can only be achieved by monitoring social media, which gives businesses a way to find out what has been said about the brand. This allows the identifying of customers that are unhappy, and it could be a good way to find out what shoppers want. By partaking in social discussions, businesses can find out which products to push and what changes to make, if you don’t, your opposition will and they will gain all the knowledge needed to reach success. Several listening tools are available to assist businesses with this, and these offers information regarding comments on social media sites. It is three changes that can improve your way of doing business instantly this year.