B2B Company Examples on Instagram

There are loads of retail brands in the world, such as GoPro, Anthropology, and Starbucks making a significant impact, but how about B2B companies that are featured on Instagram? This social networking service isn’t only limited to companies targeting consumers directly. With over 800 million users every month, businesses shouldn’t avoid this incredible social networking service. However, which B2B companies are making the most out of Instagram?


Hootsuite is a social media dashboard with an extremely active presence on Instagram. Figuring out what this company is doing with their business is quite simple as they include a careers page link directly from their bio. The company posts loads of culture-rich pictures that show off how brilliant it is to work for them. From dogs in the office to team building activities, Hootsuite is certainly showing how awesome it is to work for them with their pictures.


Established in 2010, WeWork has a mission to build shared office spaces as well as a community successfully. By simply scrolling through their news feed you’ll find some amazing imagery. They utilise Instagram to show off their offices from across the globe and constantly encourage people not just to make a living, but to make a life.


Given the fact that the company is already so popular around the world, their business already has world-wide recognition. It’s for this reason that their Instagram account is mostly focused on attracting current and new audiences with a wide range of captivating tech photos as well as commentary that appeals to their followers. Intel perfectly illustrates how B2B companies that use photo-based networking in a truly light-hearted manner.


Oracle is considered a juggernaut in both the hardware and software industry with a well-established name that everyone knows extremely well. When you look through their Instagram account, you’ll find loads of photos that come with captions surrounding technology as well as the future. You will also notice that most of their posts offer humour and a distinctive personality that truly makes them stand out.


Adobe has done something truly amazing with their Instagram account. You won’t find a URL within their bio, like with most of the companies on this page. This is quite unusual as most businesses want you to visit their website and take action. However, Adobe decided to use their account to captivate and inspire the 600k followers through their shared images instead.


Like most activities that relate to marketing, improving and increasing brand awareness is at the top of everyone’s list in the business world. CBRE is a global real estate firm, and instead of it being a boring Instagram feed, the company decided to portray captivating architecture from across the globe. This ensures that they are making a name for themselves to people that would that have no idea who they are.

General Electric

GE is a popular household name which usually comes up when you think about home appliances. The company’s Instagram page provides a behind-the-scenes look at how they work with videos and pictures.