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Boeing 737 Max Recommissioned

International & national travel is disrupted worldwide, with tourists unable to locate flights that support reliability with departure. Continuous delays or cancellations are being maintained while airports assess outbreaks of Covid-19. Aviation companies sustaining largescale fleets are losing billions while waiting for travel & tourism to resume normalcy. The Boeing Company has experienced prominent losses, […]

Britain Economy Crashing in Latest Lockdown

November 2020 saw the United Kingdom government ascertain largescale loans, with economic recessions resulting from coronavirus forcing an increase in borrowing. The “Office has released figures regarding the amount loaned for National Statistics”. Clarification is given in these reports that £31.6 Billion was acquired in November 2020. It marks the 3rd highest amount loaned to […]

SDD Leaves Great Britain’s Test to Release Program

Quarantining for travellers is required in Great Britain & Northern Ireland, as the United Kingdom government continues to battle against the pandemic. Politicians have gained awareness that the standard civilian has grown impatient of quarantine lifestyle, with that extending tenfold for travellers. Parliament initiated the “Test to Release Program” in response, which enables tourists to […]

Tesla Raising $5 Billion in Share Offering

Investor finances have driven Tesla’s growth over the last decade, prompting its namesake to become synonymous with other automotive manufacturers like GMC & Honda. Between September & December of 2020, Tesla’s acquisition of investor funds has grown tenfold. CEO Elon Musk has sustained two funding rounds for obtaining financial aid. The second was announced on […]

Denmark Ending Fossil Fuel Extraction by 2050

Climate change experts worldwide are praising Denmark for announcing that the extraction of fossil fuels is ending by 2050. That means by three decades, North Sea exploration for gasoline & oil will become eliminated. Decisions to destroy an entire industry follows after Denmark’s commitment to sustainable energy. Removing fossil fuel extraction from the economy will […]