Additional Steps in Marketing Cycles

The last time we mentioned the marketing cycle, we looked at the markets you were aiming your products at, how to set goals and how technology could be advantageous. In this article, we will be digging a little deeper. A website should be the core of every marketing plan. Businesses without websites or at least a Facebook page, tend to be less trusted. This should also be your Rome, that all your marketing roads lead too. Pack it full of content for your potential customers, drawing their attention in, will improve your leadership growth.

Biyearly audits should be executed to stay ahead of the times. You do not want to bore your customers with stagnant content, this usually is your first interaction with a customer, and first impressions stick. If they do not enjoy their experience, they will not be back.

Web Design Features

Data breaching is rife in this day and age, so customers will be weary with the security you can provide for them. Follow these steps to provide better confidence in your customers.

  • Does my website feel clean?
  • Is it uncluttered with a defined but limited colour scheme?
  • Does the essential information stand out, or is it at least easy to find?
  • Can your website be viewed on multiple platforms?
  • Can people on the view it from their cell phones, tablets, and laptops?
  • Can it be easily viewed but the people back in the office, and does it adjust to all screen sizes?
  • Is your encryption of high standards?

Your content, as mentioned above, is how you are going to generate leads. We said the journey a buyer takes a few weeks ago, keep these steps in mind when creating your content, provide what is needed by them for each stage in this processed. An excellent example of this is not to consider your blog as a sales mechanism, but rather information you are freely providing. Make sure the content you provide is of the highest standards and worthy of your customer’s attention.

Consider your buyer as independent, as these days all B2B Buyers are. They want to research for themselves before deciding and do not like to be guided. Therefore, the information you provide must be the latest and not hard to find, but rather fall into their laps.