2020 Is Pepsi’s Year

The Pepsi-Co Corporation is planning to compete against Coca-Cola in 2020. Though these two corporations have faced each other in the soda market, this is the first time their battling for the best coffee beverage. It was announced that Pepsi Café would be released to American retail chains in April 2020. Available for a limited time, it’ll come in a twelve ounce can and act as a test product. This coffee-infused soda beverage is being released in two flavours, Vanilla and Original and will feature twice the caffeine than a standard Pepsi.

The Coca-Cola Company already has its coffee-infused beverage available in international markets. Coke Plus Coffee is offered in the European and Asian Markets, with it being announced that their United States market launch is coming this year. Subsequently, these two companies will compete for consumer attention. It’s known that the Pepsi Corporation plans to engage an extensive advertising campaign, which will use a new slogan to attract consumers.

It should be noted that the American public hasn’t ever adopted coffee-infused cola. Every time one of these products has released into the market, profits have declined rapidly and eventually are pulled from shelves. It’s been sixteen years since either of these beverage corporations last released one of these coffee-infused products, with company analysts betting that the American public is ready for a re-introduction. Previously, Pepsi released Kona backed in 1996 and then Pepsiccino in 2004. Neither products performed admirably in their respective markets. These two products were used for the inspiration behind Pepsi Café, which was in development for nearly two years.

New Tagline in 2020

The Pepsi Corporation has a significant amount of competition going forward in 2020, which is prompting them to start an advertising campaign with their new tagline. Named “That’s What I Like,” this tagline will be used for many years to come and target the younger generations of consumers. The two previous slogans that were used by this corporation include the Joy of Pepsi and the Taste of a New Generation. The later was maintained for multiple years and is considered a triumphant tagline.

Beverage analysts are surprised that Pepsi is implementing this tagline, as often this is a strange form of advertising that hopes to compete against other notable slogans. The chances of becoming a pulp-culture tagline are one and a billion, even for the Pepsi Corporation. Regardless, their competition is extensive, and with Coca-Cola releasing multiple products next year, their challenges are continually growing.