Boeing 737 Max Recommissioned

International & national travel is disrupted worldwide, with tourists unable to locate flights that support reliability with departure. Continuous delays or cancellations are being maintained while airports assess outbreaks of Covid-19. Aviation companies sustaining largescale fleets are losing billions while waiting for travel & tourism to resume normalcy. The Boeing Company has experienced prominent losses, which began before the coronavirus pandemic. Financial burdens began when Boeing launched their latest model, the 737 Max.

Boeing’s latest aviation vehicle supported an updated feature to benefit pilots when in manual flight. That feature saw the plane’s nose dip downwards & the wings to an elevated level, which was meant to eliminate concerns of stalling upon an instance forced climbs above thirty thousand feet. Boeing enabled shutdown protocols for the “Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System”. Those protocols never went into effect for dozens of flights, prompting pilots to fight against MCAS to guarantee Boeing’s 737 Max didn’t spiral downwards.

Pilots familiar with Boeing’s 737 Max clarified that the MCAS System continually fought against manual flight, making conditions near impossible for safety standards. Two pilots weren’t capable of stopping MCAS from entering a downwards stall. It prompted two flights to crash, totalling 346 Deaths. Investigations into Boeing’s latest aircraft were immediately launched & have continued onwards for nearly two years. The 737 Max’s internal systems were scrutinized profusely since March 2019.

After continuous investigations & updates introduced by the Boeing Company, the 737 Max has been approved to reservice. One flight pathway is being tested by the Federal Aviation Administration, with that being from Miami to New York City. Pilots will report back their experience while flying the updated 737 Max. Depending on how those individuals react, the remainder fleet of 31 will receive clearance.

Travellers shouldn’t be concerned with Boeing’s 737 Max any longer. The Federal Avaiation Administration hasn’t investigated any vehicle to such extremes. Clearance wouldn’t be issued unless confidence was sustained that safety is recommitted to flyers. Those enlisted to crews for Boeing’s 737 Max will receive additional training on flight control software & safety procedures.

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Britain Economy Crashing in Latest Lockdown

November 2020 saw the United Kingdom government ascertain largescale loans, with economic recessions resulting from coronavirus forcing an increase in borrowing. The “Office has released figures regarding the amount loaned for National Statistics”. Clarification is given in these reports that £31.6 Billion was acquired in November 2020. It marks the 3rd highest amount loaned to the United Kingdom in history.

Most wouldn’t blink looking at the £31.6 Billion obtained to sustain the UK Economy, with the majority understanding that this amount is standard to maintain a prominent nation whilst millions cannot work requires central funds. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has struggled to ascertain where loaned finances should arrive, with the spending-revenue gap maintained by Parliament in 2020 being the highest in years. It’s known that since April 2020, £241 Billion has been borrowed to support the United Kingdom’s economy. It’s estimated that figure could reach a substantial £372.2 Billion by March 2021, marking the highest loaning-year to date in UK history.

Britain’s Food Industry is Suffering

Loans aren’t the only concern for Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Borders nearby the European Union are closed, meaning ports have been shut down. The food industry in Post-Brexit is sustaining lower revenue. Statements were released by the FDA (Food & Drink Federation) that clarified when Parliament closed UKs borders & EU Agents responded by shutting down ports; it proved to foreign corporations that supply chains from Great Britain cannot be trusted. British products are regularly becoming less trusted because of Brexit.

Rationing Across Great Britain

Nation-wide lockdowns following an outbreak of Covid-19s mutated strain has prompted corporations to alter their operations. Grocers like Tesco have placed limitations on specific goods. Rice, Soap, Eggs, and Toilet Paper cannot be purchased in large quantities. Tesco introduced these measures via email, noting that consumers can buy 3x of each item. Tesco has recommended customers social distance & shop alone, while also promoting their online delivery services. Similar limitations were introduced in March 2020 when Tesco saw consumers purchasing £100.00 or higher on products like Toilet Paper.

SDD Leaves Great Britain’s Test to Release Program

Quarantining for travellers is required in Great Britain & Northern Ireland, as the United Kingdom government continues to battle against the pandemic. Politicians have gained awareness that the standard civilian has grown impatient of quarantine lifestyle, with that extending tenfold for travellers. Parliament initiated the “Test to Release Program” in response, which enables tourists to eliminate nine-days of quarantining after returning to the UK. It means quarantine periods are shortened to five-days, which becomes possible after tourists purchase a PCR Covid Test.

When parliament announced the TTR Program, companies capable of sustaining private testing were requested to assist. Dozens of testing firms completed days of paperwork, with eleven selected to complete remote testing. Those companies elected have found severe challenges providing thousands of tourists with capable testing. It’s prompted one firm to terminate their participation within 24-Hours is the TTR Program began.

United Kingdom’s Airlines admitted that problems had arrived with internal-testing and required the assistance of trained personnel on larger scalers to move forward with operations. Airlines hoped that testing firms wouldn’t be overwhelmed, believing that an influx of travellers wouldn’t be seen. After UK Civilians learned that by purchasing a PCR Covid Test enabled five-days of quarantining, an immediate spike in tourist activity was seen.


The “Test to Release Program” began on December 15th, with testing firms emphasising they’d become overwhelmed by public demands. SameDayDoctor was the company that terminated their involvement, noting that the paperwork alone became a challenging hurdle to overcome. SameDayDoctor spent several days completing the paperwork, hoping to become accredited. The Chief Executive Officer of SameDayDoctor noted that hours after opening, operations began overwhelmed. It prompted Doctor Laurence Gerlis to terminate testing.

Sadness regarding SameDayDoctor having to cancel their involvement with the TTR Program was mentioned by its CEO. He noted that for thousands, their services were needed. CEO Laurence Gerlis said it wouldn’t have become possible & that testing personnel would have become physically overwhelmed in unfavourable conditions. It’d take before Midnight on December 15th for SameDayDoctor to become inundated. Ten testing firms remain with those companies also evoking an overwhelming sentiment. Under these attributes, it’s not likely the TTR Program can sustain itself for prolonged periods.

Tesla Raising $5 Billion in Share Offering

Investor finances have driven Tesla’s growth over the last decade, prompting its namesake to become synonymous with other automotive manufacturers like GMC & Honda. Between September & December of 2020, Tesla’s acquisition of investor funds has grown tenfold. CEO Elon Musk has sustained two funding rounds for obtaining financial aid. The second was announced on December 8th, with funding round goals listed at $5 Billion. It marks the highest funding round in corporate history for Tesla.

Tesla filed the necessary paperwork for America’s Security & Exchange Commission, where reports indicated that shares wouldn’t be overvalued. It means investors obtain shares valued at standard market prices. Clarification from CEO Elon Musk noted that the $5 Billion funding round doesn’t account for 1% of Tesla’s market capitalization, which was updated earlier this year at $598 Billion.

Implementing this strategic plan sustains prominence for Tesla, with the corporate division announcing GigaFactories are being constructed in Germany & Texas. Global expansion for Tesla begins in 2021, with an annual spending limit of $2.5 Billion initiated for the next two years. CEO Elon Musk noted that older factories are receiving renovations and innovative new technologies for battery-cell manufacturing. Implementing two years of expansion strategies prompted the operating expenses of Tesla to increase by 33% in 2020. Since January 2020, $1.25 Billion in spending has been initiated.

Equity Distribution Agreements for Tesla

The Tesla Company reached peak values for their shares & stocks on December 7th. An announcement regarding their immediate expansion followed, prompting market analysts to predict stake valued dropping by 1.1% on December 8th. Continued declines aren’t expected, with Tesla’s anticipated recovery following by the 9th or 10th. It should be noted that Tesla shares increased by 670% in 2020, the highest percentage of any corporation in America.

Growth of share values was prompted after the Tesla Company & Goldman Sachs/Citigroup Global Markets partnered together to initiate equity distribution. Profit margins for these wall street firms will increase in Q4 from this partnership agreement. Every investor acquired by either Goldman Sachs or Citigroup Global Markets will permit a 0.25% commission.

Denmark Ending Fossil Fuel Extraction by 2050

Climate change experts worldwide are praising Denmark for announcing that the extraction of fossil fuels is ending by 2050. That means by three decades, North Sea exploration for gasoline & oil will become eliminated. Decisions to destroy an entire industry follows after Denmark’s commitment to sustainable energy. Removing fossil fuel extraction from the economy will cost billions for Denmark. This nationwide decision benefits Denmark’s GDP, allowing for millions in an upcoming EU Licensing Round to be avoided. Climate Minister of Denmark mentioned that Europe’s fossil era would end by 2050.

Multiple organizations & associations battling Climate Change have revelled behind this announcement. Greenpeace Denmark emphasized that eliminating fossil fuels marks a turning point for their nation and the entirety of Europe. The importance of this announcement cannot be understated, with Denmark being Europe’s most prominent collector of fossil fuels. The nation maintains fifty-five platforms for drilling, with twenty petrol stations for collection. Considered an extensive system in the European Union, Denmark distributed 100+ thousand barrels of gasoline & oil in 2019.

The Climate Minister of Denmark discussed the government-elected decision. Dan Jorgensen noted that national representatives were to better resonate with worldwide incentives and that as Europe’s most prominent distributor of fossil fuels, an immediate decision was needed. Individuals wondering what monetary cost is associated with eliminating the fossil fuel industry in Denmark will find that government personnel have greenlit a £1.1 Billion budget.

Eliminate Fossil Fuels

There hasn’t been an exclusive corporate or national manufacturer of fossil fuels that’s taken extreme measures like Denmark. It means that Denmark’s strategy can benefit other countries long-term, which isn’t surprising when remembering that this nation has become a prominent member in fighting against climate change. Producing fossil fuels maintains it’s downsides, with Denmark earning billions from oil in the North Sea. It enabled Denmark to become a great state with wealthy investors.

That could change by eliminating fossil fuels. However, government personnel believe technological innovations over three decades will create new revenue streams for Denmark. Government personnel have issued that the latest date for Denmark to become an eco-friendly nation is 2050. Three decades to complete these goals is challenging but accomplishable.