Improve Your Leadership Communication

Becoming the best leader possible can sometimes be a challenging task. Taking an executive role in a corporation can invoke stress at first. However, the best leaders learn to master communication and create new ideas that continue to keep their clients loyal. It’s a talent that can be continually refined. Below we have provided five areas of interest that all future or current leaders should enact, it’ll benefit all parties involved with your business.

The Five Steps

  • Personalized Conversations – When communicating with customers or employees, make sure that the interaction recognizes that individual’s specific communication style. This allows you to connect to them on a personal level and remove any distractions from the conversation.
  • Audience Research – The best leaders accumulate extensive research that informs them of the target words and phrases used by clients or employees. This research also indicates the average time each consumer spends talking with the company and which ways the conversation can be approached to inform clientele on new products. Subsequently, things can be kept to a few minimal sentences.
  • Follow-Up Data – Executives in a leadership role should compile further information that details how the intended conversations are performing. Ask yourself if employees or consumers understand what’s being said. Everyone has their way to communicate, and prior research could be misleading. Effectiveness of communication is the most crucial aspect of any corporation’s growth. If the follow-up data doesn’t reveal positive results, start on the second step again. Repeat this process until the follow-up data provides 90% to 100% positive results.
  • Acquirement Conversation – The fourth step requires that leaders master the art of acquirement conversation. Meaning leaders must determine what the consumer or employee wants, then implementing an immediate solution. This is one of the most challenging art forms of communication that will require multiple scenarios to master. However, this form of conversation opens up time for new business matters and should be taken seriously by potential leaders.
  • Account for Empathy – Most leaders don’t account for the fact that their employees have personalized situations at home, just like themselves. The best thing any leader can do in the workplace is to remember that everyone is going through their struggles, that being empathetic and sympathetic are the best options to pick employees back up. It will also lower acquisition costs relating to new employees, as most won’t leave your workforce.

Final Thoughts

Following these communication steps will enable leaders to assist their employees with any potential problems and keep clients loyal to their brand. There isn’t a more important aspect to business than professional communication.

Loblaws Launching Product Marketplace

The demand for retailers to move into the online space grows daily with the popularity of Amazon moving forward. Loblaws Companies Limited, one of the largest food retail giants in Canada, announced that they had launched their curated marketplace. This comes after grocery sales on Amazon increased tenfold through 2018 – 19. This new marketplace will include products from new partners and vendors, giving consumers access to multiple unexpected brands.

Loblaws iterated in their announcement that this online marketplace works similarly to their PC Express Platform, acting as more of an expansion to their prior services. The PC Express Service enables consumers to purchase their groceries online for home delivery or store pickup. The expansion is rolling out nationwide to the three Loblaw brands maintained in Canada. Those include Loblaw’s Real Canadian Super Store, the Atlantic Super Store and all Loblaw Chains. All purchased will earn PC Optimum Points through the updated versions of the PC Express Marketplace.

An industry advisor for retail chains in Canada, Robert Carter of the Stratton Hunter Group, noted that this expansion is a tactical decision for Loblaws. The company will advocate for consumers to spend larger quantities of money through their online store, which is why they’ve included new products into the online store. Those include a higher influx of baby products and accessories, such as cribs or apparel. Acquiring the consumers that use Amazon will be a challenging task, which is why Loblaws is looking into long-term solutions by compiling data on shopping behaviours. This will assist the food retail chain by finding better-suited products for their consumers.

The Challenge

Loblaws Companies Limited faces a significant challenge going up against Amazon, who operates one of North Americas most infamous grocery chains. Going up against the Whole Food Brand in Canada will require Loblaws to implement new product acquisition manoeuvres or create specialized services that can appeal to Canadian Buyers. This online market is the best course of action for the company, which needs to earn an influx of profit from updating physical locations nationwide.

The new products offered through the online marketplace include Strollers, Linens, Home Décor, Kitchen Supplies and Pet Accessories. Lennox Furniture Incorporated and Umbra create all the new products provided. Ultimately, the Loblaws Corporations hopes that their new online marketplace will strengthen their brand across Canada and better assist the convenience of consumers. It will be some time until the profits earned from the market are made public information.

The Best Product Manager Traits

Becoming a product manager requires passion and inspiration. Corporations want an employee who will be dedicated to their products and create new avenues for growth. Learning how to appeal to these corporations can be challenging, which is where the online community of Roadmap comes into play. Innovative product managers converse through Roadmap to share their traits and ideas, allowing for market sustainability.

Most corporations are managed as technological firms or as software companies. This applies to multinational behemoths or small emerging companies. The best thing for product managers is to appeal to their technological desires. This could be challenging for some, who will be transitioning from the retail product management market to the online industry. Don’t be concerned, as previous dealings will make this transition smooth. All that’s required is expressing four significant points to corporations with detailed plans.

  • Vision – Before detailing your product management plan to corporations, determine the clear vision that will be set out. This vision must show how it will support the companies overall profits and business. Be patient, as this will require time and commitment. Once completed, move forward with your product management plan.
  • Motivation – The second largest concern corporations have is how product managers will motivate their employees. Research how employees can make unique contributions in a fun and exciting way. This is essential for the success of any product management plan.
  • Prioritization – One of the best qualities a product manager can maintain is efficient prioritization. Learn how to prioritize any team to complete matters that align with the product management plan. This is a daily task that requires patience and control over emotions.
  • Transparency – The final and most crucial thing that product managers can learn is how to be transparent with communication. It’s an integral part of guaranteeing peace amongst employees. Communication applies to every circumstance, including when dealing with the corporation or potential partners. Product Managers need to acquire the skills to share their plans, sway others into their direction and express physical confidence.

Finalizing Product Managers

If you follow these four traits, then the career path of a product manager is best suited for you. It’s a job that suited for individuals who crave business adventures, building up corporations and managing their products. Ultimately, it’s the product manager that champions the growth of any business. Though learning all the details regarding managing products can be extensive, the result is well worth it.

Xbox Hires New Director of Product Marketing

The Xbox Corporation, a subsidiary of Microsoft, has announced a new director for product marketing. This information comes after Xbox has struggled to keep fans on their console, with the conversion rate to PlayStation growing monthly. Lack of games and proper product marketing has cost the Xbox Corporation this generation cycle. Moving into 2020, both Sony and Microsoft are releasing new consoles through their respective gaming subsidiaries. Microsoft anticipates that with the Xbox 2020 unless new product marketing strategies are implemented, the same issues could reoccur. Subsequently, the Xbox Corporation has promoted Harvey Eagle, who previously worked as a Business Lead for Xbox’s UK Offices, to the Direct of Xbox Product Market.

Harvey Eagle has a long history with the Xbox Corporation, having worked for them since they were first conceived two decades ago. Harvey worked as the Xbox Head of Communications across Europe and held roles as a category director and advertising manager. Before joining the Xbox Corporation in 2019, Eagle worked with Atari as a brand manager for fifteen months. It’s anticipated that with his two decades of knowledge, Harvey will create new product marketing opportunities for Xbox on a worldwide scale. The right marketing will assist Microsoft in defeating PlayStation with the 2020 Console Cycle.

Speaking with reporters, Harvey Eagle noted that he was honoured to work as the Business Lead in the United Kingdom for the last six years. However, he also mentioned that he’s thrilled at taking on a global role. Mr Eagle iterated that his first task will be on the re-marketing of Xbox Live to potential customers on the PC and PlayStation. It should be noted that Harvey Eagle played a significant role as advertising director with the original Xbox, without his contributions the console wouldn’t have become the infamous brand it is today.

The Eagle Way

Our readers are always seeking new advice or tactics on how to improve their product marketing. Harvey Eagle will follow the Forget & Relaunch tactic, which corporations and subsequent websites will work actively in making customers disassociate old services with new. For our readers, this means removing all existing SEO and Articles, then starting over again. Exclusive views on your site should be limited to five or lower for this tactic to be considered.

When it pertains to Xbox, this tactic means new advertising campaigns that focus on upcoming games and new exclusives around the Live Marketplace. Considering the next generation will be download base, it makes sense that Harvey Eagle is centring advertising around Xbox Live.

Influencer Marketing Explained

Advertising costs can be a steep price to pay for many smaller businesses. In addition to that, statistics indicate that the impact of this kind of advertising becomes less effective. Hence more people are turning towards influencer marketing which is not only much easier on the budget but also contains an element of persuasion.

In short influencer marketing can be defined as a kind of social media marketing that includes endorsements and product placements by influencers, influential organizations or people. They are considered to be influential within a particular arena and having your product, brand or service linked to them can serve as valuable advertising to your business. These people can be hired or inspired to get the word out about your product to the correct audiences.

Influencer marketing boils down to working with your marketing team to determine which people are considered as influential within your target market. Once you were able to successfully identify these people, the process of getting them on board, your marketing campaign starts. Sometimes these people can be hired and other times even inspired to be associated with your brand. These people aids in increasing the traffic to your company website, they bring your product to new markets and by adding their name to it, they associate with your product, recommending it to their followers.

Over time influencer marketing has proven itself to bring about massive returns on investment for many businesses. The success of this kind of marketing is that it is being promoted by an individual with which people already feel a sort of connection. It also allows for your product to be exposed to new markets that were previously not tapped into.

As with any other marketing campaign, you would have to determine beforehand what your goals for the campaign would be. You would also have to set clear metrics in determining the campaign performance. This can be the number of visits to your social media pages, the visits to your website or the number of times that people engaged with your posts. The success of your influencer would ultimately be measured in the increase in traffic to your site and social media accounts which should then eventually be converted into sales. Certain key elements to ponder one when you decide on the correct influencer for your brand would be the number of followers that they have on their social media platforms.

For this purpose, many tools have been developed over time. These tools have been developed with the aim of not only helping you to find the perfect influencer in your niche market but also enables you to reach out to them. Some of these tools include Awario, Klear, Traackr and Upfluence. These sites will help you to get your influencer marketing plan off to a profitable start.