Dominating Marketing Trends in 2019

Gaining an advantage over competitors is a challenging task. You need to remain on top of the latest trends. Marketing strategies chances regularly and the trends that dominate in 2019 include chatbots, interactive video content, IGTV, Instagram adds, Facebook adds and mobile-optimised marketing. Although it seems that chatbots are at the top of the list of trends this year.

Live Chat and Chatbots

Live chat and chatbots are far from new when it comes to technology, although there s a definite shift in communication options, ways or methods when it comes to marketing. Chatbots are showing up on most websites and according to recently released stats, the number of individuals that interact via chatbots each year is 1.4 billion. According to a survey over 80% of all businesses or companies are already planning on utilising chatbots by 2020.

80% of All Companies, Businesses & Casino Websites Plan to Utilize Live Chat by 2020

This means it is entirely reasonable to expect a massive increase in chatbots in 2019 as well as in 2020. If you are a business owner, you should strongly consider the use of this technology, if you are not already doing so. The one sure thing is that live chat to improve and ensure better service to the customer. It is more convenient as well as faster and more comfortable for clients to communicate with the business via online chatbots, instead of emails or even telephone.

Highly-Effective Client Services is Ensured via 24/7 Live Chat Availability

All the new online sports betting sites, as well as online casinos, have added live chat to their communication options. Even though casino and betting sites offer 24/7 entertainment, some only offer live chat during office hours. This decision can cost the operator considerably as online players expect to enjoy the same quality and quantity of services no matter the time of day or night. Due to international clients, 24/7 live chat facilities ensure that every player has access to the same benefits, initially promised by the business, casino or sportsbooks.

Chatbots’ Potential Benefits

A recent survey asked clients what benefits they would like to enjoy via the use of chatbots. The main benefit 64% of customers expect from the use of chatbots is 24 hours services, followed by 55% believing that instant response would be a significant advantage. 55% of survey participants also wanted instant answers to simple questions, while 51% felt it is the easiest way to communicate. 43% believes that it would resolve complaints quickly and 43% think it would guarantee a great customer experience. 37% of participants felt the service could provide detailed answers instantaneously, while 32% thinks it is a great way to enjoy friendly, helpful assistance when you need it most.

Chatbots can automatically pop-up once a visitor appears on a casino or business website to either boost conversation, announce a special deal or provide assistance. Studies found that via live that it is three times more likely that the visitor would purchase or register an account.

B2B Mobile Marketing

It is quite surprising to learn that only about half of the B2B marketing targets mobile users. A survey in 2015 revealed that only about 50% of marketing in B2B focused on mobile and even those don’t specifically focus on generating new leads but instead use it to get existing clients to engage with the company again.

Google reveals that more than 50% of all online searches occur with mobile devices around the world, meaning companies that don’t invest in mobile marketing are losing out on significant leads. Platforms such as Yelp that gives you ratings on restaurants and Amazon for shopping have become incredibly popular among mobile users and for a good reason.

In 2019, it is essential to cover as many marketing platforms as possible, but as some of you would know, bigger is better, especially when it comes to reaching more customers. With mobile marketing, you gain the advantage of feuling both the B2B and B2C platforms among many others as you’d use the tools that put you directly in contact with possible leads.

Succeed in Mobile Marketing

While many companies use computers and laptops to perform the searchers and find other businesses, it is important to remember that modern mobile devices have become a close second for business, especially when you consider the advancements in technology when it comes to iPads and tablets.

There are so many people who have switched to iPad Pro or even the Samsung Galaxy tablets as it allows them to take everything with them and not have to carry a laptop and all the other devices as well. These mobile devices are the ones you target with mobile marketing, but even those who don’t use tablets tend to perform much of their searching work on their phones at home, at the office or while on the move.

There are only a few things you would need to do to become mobile ready for your marketing strategy and the best part of it all; you’ll end up saving on marketing while gaining access to a much larger audience.

Mobile Ready

Searching your website to a mobile platform such as HTML5 provides significant benefits as everyone can access it, and it’s sure to get a higher rating as Google boosts mobile-ready websites. More than 70% of mobile users get annoyed and end up leaving sites that aren’t optimised for mobile use, even if you provide the exact product they need.

Let’s face it, and it is annoying to zoom in and scroll around just to read something on a page or try to find the right menu options, not to mention the double tap you need to use to “hover” and select one of the menu items. All often than not, you either click on the wrong thing or the page takes way to amount to respond, making it much easier to go back to your search results and find another website that offers the same products but with a mobile-friendly site.

Why an iPad is a Must for B2B Marketing

Let’s face it; there is always something need to do all remember while on the move. Whether it is to contact someone, check up on a Facebook message or even create a post on Twitter about your new product, there’s always something, and most of the time we end up forgetting because of our busy lives.

Sure, we can set reminders, and even set up schedules to try to get it all done, but then we end up having too much to do in one day, increasing the stress levels and just not having the same productive week we always plan for.

Luckily, technology includes devices that allow us to do just about everything from anywhere. All it takes is a simple and or a couple of them to ensure you’ve got all the tools needed to complete the tasks. For B2B marketers, sales and management, there are so many tools out there, especially with the iPad Pro range that allows you to multitask, thanks to an advanced split screen feature that makes it possible to run up to three different apps, all in one.

Below, we have a look at some of the most significant advantages of adding an iPad to your B2B marketing life and how it can improve your productivity while also taking the load off your everyday schedule.

Social Media

There is no denying that social media has become one of the most significant marketing tools or any business. While these platforms are easy to access our computer, you’ll be amazed at how much they can do on iPads as an app. Apps such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Google Buzz are available on the iPad app store and focused on business.

For example, the Twitter app lets you switch between accounts with a simple swipe, and you can see so many more keywords and possible tags for your products and services. They also apps that allow you to manage everything in a single platform, giving you access to more information, details, possible sales and much more, all in a single screen.

CRM Tools

CRM tools are one of the most significant benefits for any B2B marketing team as they allow you to manage so much more. Not only can you check up on events, see who is coming and even use the device to tick off who has attended, but with apps such as Oracle and even the Salesforce app, you can keep up to date on how sales are going, what’s working with marketing and much more.

There are so many CRM tools available in the app store that help you manage the marketing side and see the information from other departments. Sure, it might take some setting up for the whole company to adapt to the app, but it’s well worth it!

Best B2B Sales Apps for iPads

Just about everything we use in our personal and work lives has become more comfortable with the introduction of electronic technology. Allowing us to carry the tools we need with us wherever we go.

As some of us would know, there is a great system that allows us to keep track in real time of sales, back office details and so much more. This isn’t just useful for the management teams, but for the sales team, stock controllers and just about everyone else as well.

Many of the systems are available on computers, which already helps a lot when it comes to entering data or checking up on particular information. However, not many people are aware that these apps are also available on mobile devices, including the ever-popular Apple iPad.

These mobile devices allow you to access information about products, sales, prices and much more without having to contact anyone. Instead, the sales team can instantly see all the details, how much stock is available, the costs, possible discounts and much more. Not only does this make it easier for sale, but it’s also professional. Clients are bound to be impressed with how quickly answers are given instead of the old “I’ll have to get back to you on that” line.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular B2B sales apps for iPads and how they provide an advantage when it comes to getting the right info. Letting you close deals without a hassle


Nitro from Bunchball is an excellent addition for any sales team. It uses an exciting game education platform to provide goals, motivation, rewards and critical product information. It is not available as an app, but the website is accessible via our phones and tablets.

With Nitro, you can also see the performance of your team and the way each behaves with particular goals. Of course, you can also set the rewards, giving your team more reason to push hard and change the way they approach clients to close sales and reach the goals.


Pepperi is an excellent addition for any sales and back office team as it’s available on mobile devices and computers. It provides the sales team with loads of details, thanks to an e-category system along with tracking functions, display management and route tracking.

The system uses a CRM solution, offering a complete wholesale platform that keeps your sales team up to date with the latest details, stock and what’s available. It also helps them with after sales support, thanks to the tracking feature.


Dossier is an excellent app for both iPad and iPhone, which allows you to add even more customisation to your contacts, which focuses on sales. It’s a complete package with a notebook, CRM and an organiser, which is attached to your contact.

Often making a call, you can enter everything from a quick note through to pictures and even memos to ensure you remain up to date with what the client needs. This ensures you never forget to create a quote, provide additional details or call them back, thanks to reminders.

Features your B2B Website Must Have

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re involved with. There are merely some features no website can do without to be taken seriously.

It’s happened to all of us, going to some website to find information only to be locked out by code. The site might look great, have the navigation features and even great pictures, but perhaps it doesn’t have the information or contact options you need.

Think to yourself, would you revisit the website if it came up in the search engine? If you remember the site even a month from now, would you check it out again? What would be your impression of the business who has an incomplete website or limited information on products or services they offer?

For most, the above answers are ones you wouldn’t want people thinking about your own business. Which is why it’s important to take the time and plan your website thoroughly and include the features we’re looking at below:

Don’t Launch too Early!

Sure, everyone wants access to a great variety of services and products, and there’s nothing quite as annoying than to tell buyers “we have a website on the way”. It’s better to have one on the way versus deliver an unimpressive service to potential buyers who are scared away by the state of the website and limited information.

Take the time to think about the website, what it needs to include. How are clients accessing it and would you need to help of a professional designer, photographer, website builder?

Professional Content with Each Product or Service

Yes, it might take longer and cost a lot more, but cannot go wrong by adding as much information to your product pages as possible. It’s also essential to include search engine friendly phrases. This will allow your clients to find you via Google and other search engines they might use.

We’ve all seen those sites that merely give a title for the product and expect you to guess. It’s expected you find the details yourself or get in touch to find out what colours their products are available in. No one has time for that, and most would rather see a different company.

Attract buyers by including detailed information about the product or service, not only in paragraphs that explain, but also in quick bullet point as well. If you have another similar product that offers better pricing or features, add it in a comparison format. This allows clients to quickly and easily see what’s available, how it meets their needs and what else they can use it for.

Add pictures and loads of other content and ensure everything is laid out neatly and easy to use on all devices. Of course, you can also take the next step and create video guides of your products, making it even easier for buyers to see what you’re all about!