Best B2B Management Apps

Trying to keep up with what’s happening in your B2B company and switching between meetings all the time is nearly impossible, or it used to be at least. Now, with modern devices, apps and all types of communication methods, it’s become a lot easier, but as we all know, you need the right software to make the most of your abilities, especially when it comes to business.

Having the right B2B management app is one of the essentials as it allows you to catch up with what’s happening when you have time. Not only can you see what’s changed, but you can keep track of certain processes. We’ve come up with a list of the best apps for your needs, which are sure to help you around the office and to stay in the loop, even on those days where it’s one meeting after the other.


Asana is one of the very best management apps that doesn’t cost anything. It’s available on all devices, including smartphones via an app, Windows and Mac.

It allows you and your team to stay connected and is sure to become the perfect companion for all your needs. Not only can you assign tasks to team members, create subtasks and even include completion dates, but your team can update you on things that have to be done and even send each other requests. You and the team can attach notes, allowing everyone or particular members to see the progress of a task.

It syncs instantly across platforms, allowing everyone to get notifications, updates and new tasks instantly. It also keeps track of what’s been accepted, completed and when someone sees the task, allowing you to the peace of mind, knowing it’s been taken care of.

Google Analytics App

For those who need to keep track of the business website, Google Analytics has always been the best, but it’s only been available for PC users until recently. Now, you can keep up with the latest info for the website directly from your Android and iOS smartphone.

It offers many of the same features as we’ve seen with the analytics website, offering real-time data and information regarding the visitors and the actions they perform of the site itself. This is a great way to see what has to be done and how to change your marketing strategies to best suit your audience.

Combine Asana and Google

To get the best results, it’s best to combine Google Analytics with the features of Asana, allowing you to send tasks and updates from the data you see on the Analytics apps. For example, if you see many visitors from a region you’re not currently catering to, you can send a request to the marketing team to include more info about it and even ask the development team to make the required changes for a better-rounded site for all visitors.

Getting More for your B2B Marketing Dollars

Marketing in the online world has become extremely competitive, no matter what business you’re in, there’s always someone else doing the exact same thing and using similar strategies. Getting to your clients first is important, which might seem easy enough with the right website, SEOs and social media accounts.

However, once you get the visitors, you need to have the right game plan to get them the information they need in a way that allows them to easily see what it’s all about and how you can provide the services and products required. Use some of these steps to get your visitors to react on your website instead of just visiting for a couple of seconds and moving on to find another site.


Most websites tend to aim for a huge market by including information about just about everything they could possibly provide. This means some include details on their SEOs for services they don’t even provide, just to get people to visit.

This isn’t a very good way to get the clients or visitors you want, especially not if you want the majority of your visitors to interact with the site. It’s better to target specific visitors by including accurate information and allowing clients to find what you offer with the right SEOs.

It also allows your visitors to get the information they are looking for as they won’t be on a site about something completely different due to false keywords.

Keep it Simple

Once you have the visitors on the site, you’d want to provide an easy and simple layout with the right options, including the ability to get in touch with you, the options you provide and any other relevant information.

Be sure not to make your site stacked with information, but rather use neat headings and explain the details regarding the info clearly and simply. This provides readers and visitors with the ability to easily find the details they want, leading to additional interaction on the website.

Use Backlinks

Backlinks are great for providing visitors with additional information on keywords you use in any paragraph. It’s also great for jargon as you can add a link to a specific word or sentence that takes your visitors to another page where they can get additional details relating to the subject.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to create a page for every single work that might need explaining, but rather just the ones that relate to your service and could help the client see more benefit in what you do.

Add More than just Text

Whether you’re interested in creating a YouTube account or not, having video content always sends a powerful message, especially when it’s done in a professional way. Studies reveal people are more likely to watch a video about your services than read through pages of the same information. If your videos are good, you’ll most likely get them to read more and interact with the site.
Even pictures and other forms of content are great to break text and it’s a brilliant way to boost your SEOs, especially if you do the ALT text correctly.

Redefine Your Business & Marketing Strategies via Trends Setters in 2019

Every sales and marketing manager have 365 days in 2019 to utilize the best strategies to increase sales and create brand awareness. Many marketing speakers have shouted out the trends expected to increase sales in 2019. The world is changing at an unbelievable fast pace, it is difficult enough to keep up with the ever-changing market, although experts believe the only way to be better equipped for the new year is by planning ahead.

Advertising & How it is Affected by the Fact that 30% of all Internet Users Using Add Blockers

One thing that was clear at the start of 2018, was that more and more internet users were using ad blockers, by mid-year it was confirmed that at least 30% of all users would make use of ad blockers. This meant that traditional ads would not even reach 30% of the possible target-able online audience.

Experts believe marketers should not abandon all online ads completely, ads can still be effective, although these need to be valuable and relevant to the consumer. This is also the main reason why more money is spent on influencing and content marketing as well as referral partnerships.

In 2015, the Nielsen study showed that the four most effective and trusted advertising methods were word of mouth, editorial sites, review and branded sites. Adds were then already almost at the bottom of the list and nothing has changed since.

Top Marketers Know Success Comes from Creativity, Not Conformity

For a couple of years now, everyone believes that print is dead, although in the past year a software company asked all its clients for their physical addresses and printed newsletter, which was sent to the clients. Many would not even think of trying this marketing concept, especially not in the age of Hub-spot and Mail-chimp, which means the software company spent additional money to market in a way seen as old-fashioned. The campaign turned out to be an enormous success. While all other businesses went digital, the company wanted to do something different, and it worked. It does not mean that printing is the answer, simply that creativity is needed in the new year instead of conformity.

Authenticity and Helpfulness Will Recover Relationships Lost via Automation and Tech

Automation covers all the basic tasks, which makes is vitally important that businesses ensure that personal touch is added, especially when it comes to customer services. One of the most consulting companies has done a truly impressive job of automated communication, although the consultants still visit every customer, in person, once per year to get to know their clients better and to improve their relationship with the people that matter most to the company. Statistics show that the clients visited spend more money at the firm and also stay loyal to the company much longer. Technology and automation are part of the future, the key is preventing it from costing relationships built up over several years.

What Makes B2B Inbound Marketing Better

The days of doing cold calls or sending spam emails seem to be gone. Not only does it annoy people, but the amount of work you need to put in to get leads just isn’t worth it. Of course, there are some ways outbound marketing could still be beneficial, but in comparison to inbound marketing, it simply doesn’t make sense in most cases, especially for businesses with social media accounts, professional online websites and detailed information about their products or services.

Just with these few examples of inbound marketing, we can always discuss incredible benefits that will turn your business profits around. Of course, many use a combination of inbound and outbound marketing, which works really well, but again, unless you do it right, the inbound marketing would simply outshine the other all the time.

Let’s have a look at the examples we’ve mentioned above and see how they are better than the outbound equivalent and how they make it easier for you and the client to get in touch and actually make a purchase.


The outbound marketing method would involve creating spam emails that could possibly relate to what the people or companies need. They would have to include every detail about what you do and how it could be beneficial, which of course takes hours. On top of that, you’ll have to hope that the people you send the email to actually have the time to read it and not just delete it or report it as spam, which is what most do.

Inbound marking would be a contact us email address or message board on your website. It would even be on your social media pages. The great thing about this system is that people who are already interested are getting in touch, which is a huge leap forward. Once they contact you, it would usually be just to find out more and discuss last minute details before they become clients as they would’ve already done the research on your site to ensure the basics meet up with their needs.


A call center team isn’t just expensive to maintain, the training takes time and there’s always management issues, staff calling in sick and the outbound calls just not performing the way you would’ve hoped. People don’t like giving their bank details over the phone and just don’t feel as secure with the idea, especially since everyone has dead of someone being scammed with this type of thing.

With inbound marketing, there rarely is a phone call involved, unless the client wants to find out about something that’s not clearly stated on your website or social platform. The inbound marketing equivalent of cold calling is a simple e-commerce website or a telephone number.

Clients have the option to place orders on the website, fill in all their details, shipment info and make payments with systems they trust and have used before. Not only does it make it a lot easier for the client, but you don’t have to waste time and annoy people by calling someone and hoping they might need the product or service you’re offering.

Is Outbound Marketing Dead?

Over the last few years, it seems as if outbound B2B marketing has taken a dive as most companies make the shift to the online world, which is faster, provides better results and is a lot easier to manage. However, with these new forms of technology, does it mean that outbound marketing isn’t worth going anymore?

It is important to remember that there are many different types of outbound marketing, including everything from cold calling through to television ads and even spam emails. While most of these have become somewhat frustrating, there are still many companies who use this form of marketing and get excellent results.

Since the majority of businesses have shifted over to inbound marketing, the outbound platform is used a lot less, making it much easier for companies to standout. However, it is important to take a few things into consideration and ensure your message is carried over to the receiver without being annoying or irrelevant to their needs.

Is Inbound Marketing Better?

There is no doubt about it, inbound marketing is more effective and comes at a much lower cost. Companies generally gain 25% better results while also saving a huge amount on their marketing strategies.

With inbound marketing in the online world, you gain access to constant clients who follow your social media pages or subscribe to your emails. Therefore, this form of marketing doesn’t only attract clients to you, but it allows possible future business as well.

With that said, inbound marketing is a lot better, but also more competitive as just about all companies now use this form of marketing to attract new clients. This means your content has to be better than the rest and your search engine optimization needs to allow your company to standout more while also reaching the top of search engine.

Of course, the better content and keywords you use, the more expensive it becomes. However, the additional costs are well worth the consideration as they yield excellent results.

Should I Combine Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

When we think of possible clients, we need to remember that they have not stopped using the types of marketing associated with outbound methods. Therefore, with outbound marketing, you will still gain effective business, but it is more challenging and not as rewarding.

However, there might be many potential clients are out there that don’t have access to your online website or who would use the keywords selected for people to find your business. Therefore, using strategies such as an ad in the newspaper and even on television is sure to provide additional business.

At the same time, you should be using inbound marketing as well. Many people and companies who see an ad in the paper or on television tend to search for it on the Internet, which is where your inbound marketing would be most effective. Combining these two marketing methods is the best possible way for a new and older company to get out their and find the business they need.