UK Economy Shrinks by 20.4%

The United Kingdom economy has shrunk by 20.4% since Q2 2020, marking the most prominent drop recorded since after World War Two. It’s placed the United Kingdom into a deep recession, more significant than any other global economy of G7 status. Stalemates in economic growth aren’t surprising in the United Kingdom; it’s something their financial analysts had warned when social distancing protocols were actively being broken. High infection numbers & loss of life prompted the UK workforce to decline tenfold, with the added attribute of prolonged lockdown measures forcing thousands of companies into closure.

UK’s GDP began collapsing in January 2020, the moment when COVID-19 began inflicting the European Union with its devastating symptoms. Declines stopped being record after June 2020, consistent to the end of Q2 2020. Economic damage for the 3rd and 4th Quarter will now be recorded, with Analysts expecting more prominent drops. Construction, Manufacturing, and Hospitality Services will continue to take the onslaught of these losses. Economic losses in the United Kingdom will likely drop by 35% by 2020s end.

The UK Finance Minister provided a formal statement regarding the confirmed percentages. Rishi Sunak emphasized that the 20.5% economic drop affirms that the United Kingdom has entered their worst recessions since WW2. Rishi clarified that thousands had lost their jobs, with higher number expects in the coming months. The Finance Minister didn’t hesitate to inform UK Civilians that harder times are coming, with more difficult choices ahead. Rishi Sunak believes that Great Britain & their commonwealth territories can survive the upcoming recession, which is historically consistent to the UK.

Enforcement Required

The United Kingdom is sustaining the most prominent recessions in the European Union and amongst their partnered G7 Nations. Records from France, Germany, Italy, and the United States have experienced 50% less of the economic fallout that Great Britain has experienced. Government Data in the United Kingdom incentivizes a prolonged lockdown for the continued economic stalemate.

Until their population obeys COVID-19 Protocols, losses will be sustained. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has struggled to enforce these measures, similar to President Donald Trump. Their communities are actively avoiding scientific data on COVID-19, believing the virus is a hoax or that face masks are necessary. These are the beginning implications of that mentality.

Disney Releases Two Halloween Board Games

The Disney Company releases new products yearly for the Halloween season, hoping to capitalize on the financial gain that’s associated with this holiday. Disney has begun announcing their upcoming products, with two board games being announced. The first is an exclusive themed version of Monopoly, based around “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. The 2nd board game is a first of its kind & based around the 90’s film, Hocus Pocus. Both are expected to perform amongst board game enthusiasts financially.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Special Edition Monopoly sends families & friends through the iconic Halloween Town. Players can select from one of six characters from the film. Those include Jack Skellington, Mayor Hearse, Sally, Zombie Duck, Oogie Boogie, and Evil Teddy. The Monopoly Money is designed around Jack Skellington as well, creating a level of iconic fright that’s exclusively associated to the Tim Burton film.

Purchasable locations on the Monopoly game board include Zero’s Tomb, Spiral Hill, Jack’s Tower, and Doctor Finkelstein’s Laboratory. Those interested in purchasing “The Nightmare Before Christmas” edition of Monopoly can buy it online today at the Disney Shop. It’ll cost $39.95.

Hocus Pocus: The Board Game

The Sanderson Sisters are returning to their calming circle & entering a new landscape that centres around board games. Disney’s Hocus Pocus: The Ravensburger Company manufactures the Board Game. Players will find themselves working together, an alternative format for board games, which conventionally have you working against each other.

Players have to stop the Sanderson Sisters from the completion of their nightly potions before the sun rises. This board games working similarly to the film, with the Sanderson’s working diligently to sabotage players from completing their goal from an array of spell casting. There are aids available to gamers, like the Rain of Death Card & Thackery Binx the Cat. Those wanting to purchase Disney’s Hocus Pocus: The Board Game can order it direct from Amazon for $19.99.

Buyers receive a single cauldron & witch board, which works in correlation with fifty ingredient card & thirteen spell cards. Players also have access to Four Trick Tokens, A Sun Toke, One Binx Meeple, and the Rulebook. A maximum of eight players can be supported with Disney’s Hocus Pocus: The Board Game, with family & friends needing thirty minutes for completion.

Portuguese Scientist Create Coronavirus Killing Face Mask

Innovation for viral medical products is growing daily, with the COVID-19 Pandemic continuing to ravage the worldwide economy. Portuguese Scientists announced on July 28th that they’d made a formidable breakthrough with coronavirus protective devices, confirming a face mask which supports special coating in its structure. This assists with the destruction of COVID-19 whenever it contacts protective fabrics, with Portugal’s Scientists remarking each mask sustains 50 Washes & should be cleaned twice per week. This means one mask can last half a year.

Details on the coating material weren’t provided to ensure competing corporations don’t steal their formula. However, it was mentioned that infectious materials from COVID-19 are killed by 99% in thirty minutes. Creating this formula required the assistance of virologists & an array of other scientists. This included Pedro Simas, who works under the Lisbon Institute of Molecular Medicine. He believes that Portuguese Scientists have created a game-changing viral protectant, especially when combined with physical distancing protocols.

Pedro Simar emphasized that viral infections like COVID-19 are transmitted via bodily droplets that are approximately 1mm in size. These respiratory droplets are nearly impossible to defend against, which is why governments worldwide recommended the N95 mask. Companies and Education Institutions have worked diligently to provide global civilians with more options. It’s estimated that by Mid-2021 there’ll be 100+ viable options for viral face equipment.

Sentiments from Virologist Simar ended by clarifying any addition to physical distancing & face mask is warranted during this period. Pedro supported the new technology after it was tested by multiple organizations worldwide, including France’s Centre of Disease Control. They’d confirm that Portuguese Scientists had also created an effective deterrent against Rotavirus & the H1N1 Flu.

Safe for Usage

Those concerned about the specialized coating used with these face masks shouldn’t be, with all organizations that tested the formula clarifying that there aren’t harmful substances inside. Humanity is cleared to use these masks without any additional concern to their health, effectively protecting themselves from COVID-19. Anybody wanting to obtain these masks will have to wait until later this year, with rough timeframes suggesting the 2020 Winter Holiday Season.

Kellogg’s, Kroger, and Dairy Queen Launch New Ice Creams

Summer 2020 is nearly half-way complete, with the masses have hardly enjoyed the adorning weather. There are few ways to enjoy the summer holidays this year, with largescale corporations using unique product marketing campaigns to excite their consumers. Three companies have adopted this concept by creating new ice creams & releasing them to stores since between July 13th to 20th.

The 1st company confirming their newest frozen treat is Kellogg’s Froot Loops, who confirmed their cereal-inspired ice pops are available in three colours. Those include purple, orange, green and red. Kellogg’s Personnel remarked that flavour profiles associated with each colour doesn’t change, which is similar to their cereal. Those wanting to purchase this product can attend their local “Dollar Tree” & pay $1.00.00 for a box of eight.

The Kroger Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Bars

Grocery stores over the last decade have adopted the concept of manufacturing their exclusive products. Kroger is one grocery chain that actively releases new products to consumers, with their most recent being “Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwiches”. Available in the freezer aisle of all Kroger’s in the United States, there’ll be two layers in-between two vanilla wafers. The one-layer supports flavoured cheesecake ice cream, with the second having streaming sorbet. It creates a unique taste that consumers will likely enjoy.

Those wanting to purchase the “Kroger Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwiches” will have to pay out $1.99. What’s rewarded are six ice cream bars for a minimal cost. Depending on which Kroger location is attended, a Coupon or Discount of $0.50 can be applied. This makes the delicious treat cheap & appealing.

The Dairy Queen Bubble-Gum Dipped Cone

Bubble-Gum Dipped Cones sound delicious and are available today at Dairy Queen. Canadians & Americans cannot purchase this flavoured cone, with exclusivity supported in Mexico. That’s because of a specialized product marketing campaign between Dairy Queen & Nickelodeon Movies, who digitally released “SpongeBob to the Rescue” earlier in July. Dairy Queen clarified that if sales outweigh expectations, then the Bubble-Gum Dipped Cone could release in North America. Get your cone today in Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large.

Spotify Invests Into Eastern Europe

Thirteen Eastern European markets are obtaining access to Spotify starting on July 14th. Spotify confirmed earlier in June that they’d expand their horizons throughout nations like Russia & Serbia, sustaining millions of new customers under the right marketing campaigns. Considering the popularity of Spotify as an international brand, their success in Eastern Europe is almost guaranteed.

Details regarding what music & podcasting services are coming to Spotify (Eastern Europe Edition) was announced by media personnel with this largescale corporation. Confirmations noted that two hundred playlists had been incorporated, with their genres themed around musicians across Eastern Europe. Consumers can anticipate a wide range of EDM, Rock Metal, and Subjective Punk within these playlists.

Subscription models engaged with Spotify (Eastern European Edition) haven’t been altered in comparison with America, Australia, Britain & other nations where this music streaming service is active. This means consumers can download and listen to their full catalogue of songs for free, which supports an advertisement between each song. That’s why it’s recommended that Eastern Europeans select a monthly premium subscription, which typically costs £7.99 in Great Britain. There are also the Duo & Premium Family subscription options.

Spotify International provided a blog posting regarding their expansion into Eastern Europe. All territories selected were details, with Spotify clarifying they’ll add a large volume of music from the overall region. That means millions of new songs will be supported & thousands of artists from the Ukraine or Russia will reach Spotify status. Below is the list of nations selected by Spotify for the Eastern European region.

  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Croatia
  • Serbia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Belarus
  • Albania
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Slovenia
  • Montenegro
  • Kosovo
  • North Macedonia
  • Moldova

Spotify Launches Duo Premium Subscription for Couples

Eastern Europeans are obtaining access to the latest subscription offering from Spotify, which became available to Americans & Canadians less than several days ago. Named the “Premium Duo Subscription”, it’s targeted towards couples that live under the same household. It’ll cost consumers in America/Canada $12.99 per month. However, Eastern Europeans are anticipated to pay £9.99 for their version of this subscription. Both individuals receive Ad-Free Streaming with Spotify, allowing for tens of millions of songs to be accessed. There’ll also be curated playlists for couples based on their combined listening preferences. It’s suspected that Premium Duo Subscription will be accessible in Eastern Europe.