Ground-Breaking Technology by Trustly Changes Online Gaming

Since Trustly introduced its new Pay N Play technology, there has been great excitement in the online casino world. The European payment supplier’s in-banner, pay and play technology is an innovative option that increases the user’s experience by adding a seamless payment solution.

Pay N Play Payment Option

Pay N Play development started in 2015, and Trustly’s focus was on streamlining the online users and operators experience. The players will no longer be obligated to provide online casinos with personal details or submit proof of identity. The new service is not limited to Trustly members and offers an instant solution to play at online casinos, once payment is made to Trustly.

No Casino Registration Required

The service provider then opens an account in the background on behalf of the player, and the operator receives the cash from Trustly. Players no longer need to complete application forms to play at the casino or to register an account.

Once the payment is made to the service provider, the cash takes seconds to reflect in the casino account. The player quotes a number obtained from Trustly and starts enjoying their most favoured games.

Documentation No Longer Required

The main benefit of the Trustly Pay N Play service is not only removing the necessity of registering an account but also to guarantee fast payouts. , and once the member wants to cash out winnings. The casino transfer funds within an hour to Trustly and players have quick access to their winnings.

Excellent Payment Solutions Offered by Trustly

The Trustly Group AB established in 2008 and offers international payment services from and to bank accounts at more than 3,000 banks across twenty-nine European markets. Trustly was ranked the fastest growing company in 2017 as well as 2018 in Europe, and it is the most recognised on the London Stock Exchange and FT1000 list.

Trustly Pan N Play Limited to Selected Few Countries

Based in Sweden, the headquarters of Trustly is in Stockholm, while regional offices are based in Malta, Spain, Germany and Finland. These are also the countries to first benefit from the new Pay N Play online casino system. Currently, over 240 individuals are employed by the company registered and licensed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Safe, Convenient & Fast Services Offered by Trustly

Some of the leading online operators have already recognised the benefits offered by the new Pay N Pay system and already added it to their list of approved payment options. Although this new payment option is currently exclusive to only a few countries, there is no doubt that it will soon be accepted in most places. It is one of the most exciting ways to play at online casinos, while it removes the hassle of registering with the casino. For players, it is a safe option since sensitive and personal information needs no sharing and payouts are much quicker.

Financial Sector is Nothing but Gambling by Professionals in Action

The Devil’s Dictionary written by Ambrose Bierce, an American journalist in 1906 already stated that most businesses are a gamble. Other phrases by Aaron Brown indicates that people in industry wear a poker fact to Wall Street. No matter how uncomfortable it makes most individuals in the financial sector, gambling remains at the heart of institutions and economic ideas.

Confidence and Bluffing

Financial games and gambling are incredibly alike, and most say the skills needed in the sector are identical to that required by a gambler. The skills that make a trader successful includes decision-making under enormous pressure, a relentless approach is needed for risk, and you need a well-trained and disciplined memory. It is identical to that of master poker players. A professional card player by the name of Brandon Adams lectures behavioural finance to university students at Harvard, agrees that professional card players and traders have a lot in common.

The two main elements needed in professional gambling is bluffing and bullying, and in wall street, those are the two most required by traders. Phishing for Phools is a book written by Robert Shiller in which he challenges the fundamentals and efficiency of those claiming that you could never beat the market. Used by sellers, it exploits the ignorance and psychological weaknesses of buyers; it is a tool used to fool naïve investors.

Confidence Has an Extremely Dangerous Partner, Overconfidence

Shiller proposed in the book called Animal Spirits that five psychological factors are critical in confidence or the lack of confidence. While confidence remains essential in raising billions, it is also the tool that enables those using it to fool inexperienced investors. Tipsters in gambling and financial advisors understand the importance of confidence and that it is critical in gaining your opponents or your client’s trust.

Tipsters, Advisors & Trust

Paul Seabright, a professor in economics, believes that the need for trust evolved even further in the modern economy. It advanced to a point where individuals hand over large sums of cash to strangers, even though they would not dream of handing it over to their neighbours. The reason for this action is that the professionals acquired power, prestige and lots of wealth through possession the expertise and knowledge in selling. Some, use the pretence of experience and still the client doesn’t question the so-called professional.

What is worse is that they charge you a management fee to have access to your cash to bet with it. If there is a profit, they also claim a percentage to that, and if their gamble fails, you lose. Everyone screams about the morality in gambling and placing your money on football or horses. Once they understand what they are buying from the professionals, they’ll realize that their money is used to gamble on shares and stocks. It is a gamble, and the financial gamble is as dangerous, if not more when you take into consideration the number of banking scandals and financial scams.

HyperDeck Extreme Designed by Blackmagic

On the 8th of April, Blackmagic announced its new innovative broadcast deck called the HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR with advanced H.265 combining a touch screen with recording. The user interface offers traditional controls of broadcast decks and the brand new HyperDeck Extremely 8 K HDR will be available at Blackmagic Design sellers around the globe from June 2019.

New Innovation Combined with Trusted Reliability

Blackmagic’s HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR offers a combination of innovations perfectly combined with reliability that can be trusted. The changes include space saving of H.265 files, as well as HDR support, native 8K, an optional cache and 3D LUTs. The benefit to customers is that it reduces the cost of storage due to the ability to record 8K in H.265. The massive touch screen guarantees perfect views during recording as well as full control across all deck settings.

Brilliant for Live Productions Such as Live Sports Streaming Services

The versatility of the HyperDeck Extreme is brilliant for live production as both a master recorder and clip players as well as ISO camera recording. Its analogue inputs offer the user to record from previous or older videotapes to produce or be used in the latest streaming devices as well as editings. It has a 10G Ethernet to ensure super-fast media uploads, while it features an easy to remote control. It is usable as a filed recorder and allows scopes that provide compliance with broadcasting standards.

Incredible Control Provided by LCD Interface

On screen, the innovative touch LCD interface offers remarkable control, and the dedicated buttons can be used to record, stop or play a mini timeline, allowing scrolling through records. The extensive collection of setting can all be controlled from the LCD. It is a whole new generation of technology boasted via 8K productions with tons of features; this is a masterpiece that is sure to become the central piece in broadcasting and live production. Features also include localization in eleven different languages, breakneck remote media upload speeds via 10G Ethernet, recording and playback in full 8K resolution and HDR support with LCD wide gamut.

The files are compatible with most video software and all operating systems, data from the HyperDeck Extreme can be formatted via HFS+ and ExFAT. The innovative touch screen combined with the large shuttle known for offering the luxury of use. The optional cache eliminates dropped frames once media become slow or full and DC and AC power connections are part of the package.

Launching at retailers from June 2019, the new HyperDeck Extreme will be available at the cost of US$4,995. This follows shortly on the heels of the recent introduction of the ATEM Constellation 8K live production switcher allowing users to created next-generation content for the television industry. The ATEM is already available at worldwide resellers at a price of US$9,995. Other product by Blackmagic Design also includes the new URSA Mini Pro G2 Camera. Red Bull Gaming Sphere recently adopts the Blackmagic workflow for live streaming.

Dominating Marketing Trends in 2019 – Highly Interactive Video Content

Marketing via videos is a progressive marketing trend for quite a few years and continues to increase via websites, blogs and social media. The successful video blogs include everything from baking to make-up, dog-training to sportsbetting. Numerous online casino software developers also announce upcoming slots or other casino games via video footage.

Although, the trend slightly shifts in 2019, when additional changes take place in video marketing strategies, and this time it is interactive videos. A great example is a 360-degree video recently added by The Washington Post to its YouTube page. This type of video marketing enables the readers to view an entire area by clicking the navigation button. Interactive videos are also increasingly used for several other purposes including email, blogging, social media and online/mobile websites.

Idea Behind 360-Degree Marketing Videos

The idea behind the new video marketing trend is to increase the viewer’s engagement. Although the 360-degree videos require a tiny bit more than regular videos, there is a much better chance that viewers will watch the entire video. This means the 360-degree video offers a much higher return on the original investment.

According to a survey, as much as 98% of individuals in the United States believe that the more exciting video format of the two is 360-degree videos vs traditional formats. Upwards of 90% of individuals also acknowledged that the 360-degree videos offer a better view. The survey proofs that it should be no surprise at all that the new format will have a click-through rate of more than eight times greater than that the traditional form. When asked, more than 70% of marketers agreed that the new interactive videos had a huge impact on their businesses. When it comes to the audience around 65% are more likely to enjoy interacting with a video of 360-degrees. The numbers already confirm where the new marketing trend is moving towards and 2019 is only the start.


Not everyone is familiar with IGTV, which is an app operated and owned by Instagram. The new concept was specifically created for mobile devices and launched in mid-2018. The easiest way to describe the app is to think of it as a YouTube-type app for mobiles, although the one major difference is that all videos are vertical and uniquely designed for smartphones.

The video content stars playing the instant the app is opened, similarly to a video would play once you switch on a television set. Many users have already recognised that Instagram is basically taking over the social media scene. Whatever the team touches is almost instantly turned into gold and there is absolutely no indication that it will ever slot down. The new app is one of the major inventions to launch in 2019 and with more than a billion users the presence of IGTV means guaranteed overnight success. IGTV will force the marketing teams of big companies to create content for the app since everyone is chasing huge success by targeting the right consumer market.

Dominating Marketing Trends in 2019

Gaining an advantage over competitors is a challenging task. You need to remain on top of the latest trends. Marketing strategies chances regularly and the trends that dominate in 2019 include chatbots, interactive video content, IGTV, Instagram adds, Facebook adds and mobile-optimised marketing. Although it seems that chatbots are at the top of the list of trends this year.

Live Chat and Chatbots

Live chat and chatbots are far from new when it comes to technology, although there s a definite shift in communication options, ways or methods when it comes to marketing. Chatbots are showing up on most websites and according to recently released stats, the number of individuals that interact via chatbots each year is 1.4 billion. According to a survey over 80% of all businesses or companies are already planning on utilising chatbots by 2020.

80% of All Companies, Businesses & Casino Websites Plan to Utilize Live Chat by 2020

This means it is entirely reasonable to expect a massive increase in chatbots in 2019 as well as in 2020. If you are a business owner, you should strongly consider the use of this technology, if you are not already doing so. The one sure thing is that live chat to improve and ensure better service to the customer. It is more convenient as well as faster and more comfortable for clients to communicate with the business via online chatbots, instead of emails or even telephone.

Highly-Effective Client Services is Ensured via 24/7 Live Chat Availability

All the new online sports betting sites, as well as online casinos, have added live chat to their communication options. Even though casino and betting sites offer 24/7 entertainment, some only offer live chat during office hours. This decision can cost the operator considerably as online players expect to enjoy the same quality and quantity of services no matter the time of day or night. Due to international clients, 24/7 live chat facilities ensure that every player has access to the same benefits, initially promised by the business, casino or sportsbooks.

Chatbots’ Potential Benefits

A recent survey asked clients what benefits they would like to enjoy via the use of chatbots. The main benefit 64% of customers expect from the use of chatbots is 24 hours services, followed by 55% believing that instant response would be a significant advantage. 55% of survey participants also wanted instant answers to simple questions, while 51% felt it is the easiest way to communicate. 43% believes that it would resolve complaints quickly and 43% think it would guarantee a great customer experience. 37% of participants felt the service could provide detailed answers instantaneously, while 32% thinks it is a great way to enjoy friendly, helpful assistance when you need it most.

Chatbots can automatically pop-up once a visitor appears on a casino or business website to either boost conversation, announce a special deal or provide assistance. Studies found that via live that it is three times more likely that the visitor would purchase or register an account.