Buyback Initiative Announced by Ikea

The second-hand furniture industry could receive an unexpected revitalization following the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been announced by Ikea, the most prominent furniture manufacturer & seller worldwide, that they’re launching a subsidiary initiative based around second-hand furniture.

The Swedish-established retailer is launching their “Buyback Initiative” in November 2020. Multiple products not needed inside homes can be sold to Ikea. However, various conditions apply towards the permittance of resale & the valuation of funds awards to selling customers.

Ikea’s marketed that the Buyback Initiative will award consumers with 50% the valuation of their furniture items original cost. However, Ikea Dollars are provided throughout the Buyback Initiative & not genuine cash. There are also conditional factors on the percentage of funds awarded when reselling second-hand furniture to Ikea.

Point One: Second-hand furniture without scratches receives 50% of the original price.
Point Two: Minor damage not exceeding two scratches allows for a 40% return on the second-hand furniture’s original cost.
Point Three: Damage sustaining more than several scratches & indents will prompt a 30% return on the original price.
Point Four: Ikea isn’t allowing for upholstered furniture under their Buyback Initiative. Consumers can resell their Bookcases, Stools, Chairs, Dining Tables, Desks, Dressers, Night Tables, and any other furniture not associated with upholstered leathers or fabrics.

Recycling Efforts

The Ikea Company has launched its “Buyback Initiative” to enhance its recycling efforts. It’s hoped that dedicated customers to their brand will recycle second-hand furniture & receive considerable discounts for their actions of recycling. That’s why 30% is still be awarded to consumers with irreparably damaged furniture. It’s more about eliminating carbon emissions & horrible materials for our environment. Considering that Ikea is a Swedish-established corporation, it’s unsurprising that executives have implemented exceptional dedication towards fighting climate change. Ikea has promised to become a fully functioning environmentally friendly corporation by 2030. Most companies of their scale haven’t made similar promises.

Ikea will resell second-hand furniture that’s in right conditions, with damaged products being recycled at designated facilities. Customers wanting Ikea furniture for cheaper costs will receive good discounts when shopping in the second-hand aisles. There’ll also be a dedicated “Ikea Auction Website” for second-hand sales, with shipping options available through that site. This venture could prove financially & environmentally beneficial for Ikea.

Tim Hortons Expanding in the UK

Restaurant Brands International announced an expansion of a prominent brand under their leadership. RBI Co. revealed that Tim Hortons is expanding outside of North America, and into the United Kingdom. The brand was infamously known to Canadians for decades until the late 2010s when Tim Hortons was sold to Restaurant Brands International. RBI taking ownership saw an immediate expansion into America, which was proven successful—repeating that success throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland could be challenging. However, expansion efforts are creating two thousand employment opportunities throughout the UK.

Introducing Tim Hortons to millions of UK Civilians won’t be that challenging. The brand first launched into the United Kingdom back in 2017, the same year that RBI took ownership. Their expansion efforts will begin in December 2020 in Milton Keynes, likely minutes off the M1 Highway Ramp. It should be noted that Restaurant Brands International determined expansion is needed after a 37% increase in revenue between 2019 to 2020.

Kevin Hydes, the Chief Commercial Officer of Tim Horton’s UK, clarified that economic challenges have risen for the fast-food industry. Kevin noted the exceptional performance & business model behind Tim Hortons, which likely thrived the 37% yearly growth. CCO Hydes promises that they’ll continue evolving & innovating their brand during the expansion period.

International Brand

Restaurant Brands International is a prominent fast-food conglomerate that manages Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Pop Eyes Chicken. Worldwide they’ve amassed more than 27+ thousand locations under the franchise model. RBI Co. would like to expand that number to 50+ thousand restaurants worldwide before 2025. That’ll be a challenging but accomplishable task, with Tim Horton’s popularity growing in the United States & Great Britain.

This doesn’t mean that Restaurant Brands International isn’t financially struggling during COVID-19. They’ve seen an international decline of revenue at 20% since July 2020. Tim Hortons saw the lowest decline at 30%, with Pop Eyes chicken seeing the highest losses at 60% of standard profits. RBI Executives don’t anticipate that profits will sustain former valuations until international lockdowns are terminated, and true normalcy is resumed worldwide. Regardless, expanding Tim Hortons throughout the United Kingdom could solve financial discrepancies associated with RBIs different brands.

US Stock Market Drops by 2.2%

President Donald Trump contracted COVID-19 on October 2nd, causing an international reaction & immediate drop in the US Stock Market. Donald Trump regularly denied that COVID-19 was a genuine viral infection and that wearing masks was pointless. After more than a million Americans had contracted coronavirus, President Trump began changing his mindset. Karma has implicated the President with the announcement of his coronavirus positive infection. However, POTUS Emergencies typically involve the stock markets & this scenario wasn’t any different. All three indexes were affected, falling between 1% to 2.2%.

The S&P 500, Dow Jones, and NASDAQ saw immediate drops but quick recoveries. The Dow Jones closed on October 2nd at 0.48%. That’s considerably better than early morning trades at 2.0% down from average valuations. It should be noted that the Dow Jones increased because airlines were provided government aid, ensuring airline stock wouldn’t continue dropping. Investors throughout America increased their investment onto airline stock, enabling the offset to 0.48%.

Airlines Offset Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Infection

Nancy Pelosi requested an “Airlines Aid Bill” weeks ago, receiving a regular rejection. Congress has altered their mindset & guaranteed imminent financial support for airlines operating in America. Guarantees were provided after 30+ thousand jobs were reportedly near furlough status. That’s been avoided with the government aid.

Nancy Pelosi stated that the stand-alone legislation created to achieve relief aid for airlines would extend six months. This means employed personnel under the “Payroll Support Program” will receive financial compensation for six months. It’s known that American Airlines & United Airlines are two corporations receiving immediate assistance.

Financial analysts governing over the United States Stock Market are shocked by the resilience seen on October 3rd. Analysts had predicted a minor collapse of the markets, with pandemic lows & POTUS’s death potentially looming. However, financial aid provided to airlines guaranteed that a core stock investment had been protected. It’s provided investors with confidence that the upcoming weeks will see job growth in America. That’ll depend ultimately on President Donald Trump permitting additional financial aid to American businesses, which is unlikely. Either way, Donald Trump contracting the COVID-19 virus could prompt a prolonged fallout on financial markets in America & London.

Westpac Bank Fined $1.3 Billion.

Money laundering, it defines how banking institutions engage with their customers & how international markets operate. Whenever an operator of trustworthy dignity is found money laundering for financial gain, it destabilizes that trust & prompts consumers to question if that banking institution is honourable. That question has been placed onto customers at Westpac Bank in Australia, which has been found to money launder for criminal organizations.

The Australian Transaction, Reports & Analysis Centre has fined Westpac Bank $1.3 Billion. It comes after AUSTRAC located information that Westpac had failed to report millions of international transactions, sustaining more than 19.5 Million. Detailed investigations from AUSTRAC revealed that international transactions were linked to child exploitation & drug trafficking.

Headlines revealing that Westpac Bank is linked to child exploitation & drug trafficking prompted a national backlash in Australia. Executives seemed unnerved by their allegations and apologies for their failings. Considering that Westpac Bank is the second-largest lender & banking institution in Australia, their commitment towards bettering their security should’ve been evident. Executives instead fled to save havens, avoiding Australian Courts, and are subsequently being tracked by law enforcement.

The Fine of $1.3 Billion was approved by the Australian Courts, marking the highest civil penalty that’s ever been awarded in the nation’s history. It should be clarified that AUSTRAC found that the 19.5 Million international transactions that were falsely reported led towards 23 Million breaches of the law. Each law carried a maximum penalty of AUD 21 Million. Collectively, Westpac Bank could’ve sustained a considerably larger fine.

How It Began

The Australian Transaction, Reports & Analysis Centre received warnings that Philippine sex-trafficking rings have connections with Westpac Bank. That information would become national news, with investigative reporters locating direct evidence that alleged paedophiles in the Philippine’s were using the “Westpac Transfer System”.

When the news started to deteriorate Westpac’s reputation, the now Ex-Chairman clarified their commitment towards fixing issues with their transfer system. No promises were made towards eliminating sex-trafficking rings across the world, leading some to wonder if Westpac Bank will repeat their history. Westpac being found in-connection to another sex-trafficking ring after the $1.3 Billion Fine, would prompt AUSTRAC to terminate Westpac’s banking license likely.

Fitness+ Subscription Service Announced by Apple

Corporations globally are working to reinforce their product marketing campaigns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, hoping to combat lower sales by acquiring larger percentages of their respective market. That’s been similar for the Apple Company, who announced their latest subscription service. Named Apple Fitness+, this service is incredibly reminiscent of Peloton for iOS. Almost all elements of the tech conglomerates latest subscription are stolen from a competing brand.

Fitness+ was announced alongside Apple’s three newest smartwatches, which will assist the subscription-based application in providing detailed information during workout routines. Consumers that have Apple Watch Series Six can better assess their medical reactions towards working out, which CEO Tim Cook claims is an innovative first for the technology industry. That was another lie to loyal consumers that believe Apple innovate all products. Assessing medical data during workouts is available on the Fitbit and Samsung Watch.

Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, clarified that Fitness+ would launch in several nations before December 31st of this year. Consumers wanting to join the Fitness+ subscription service must payout £10 per month, accumulating in a yearly cost of £120.00. There’s also the standalone package for twelve-months of usage, which maintains a price of £80.00. It’s better to pay upfront for Apple Fitness+ than monthly.

Tim Cook announced during Apple’s latest press conference that Fitness+ would bundle alongside three of their other services and save consumers upwards of £10.00 per month. Selecting the “Apple Services Bundle” will provide consumers with Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and iCloud Storage. The potential savings associated with this bundle isn’t worth its collective offerings.

Apple Watch Benefactors

The 6th Apple Watch Series is unlike its predecessors, having a notable emphasis on the health of consumers. Enhancements to the 6th Generation of the Apple Watch include a Blood-Oxygen Sensor, which can enable those with respiratory problems to recognize symptoms with early on-set. Tim Cook boasted that the Apple Watch Series Six is a medical breakthrough.

However, warnings on the Apple Watch Six’s packaging state that it’s not intended for medical usage. It appears that CEO Tim Cook is now advertising medical advancements for consumers, without providing ample proof that the Blood-Oxygen Sensor even works.