Kellogg’s Introduces Two New Cereals

Consumers have been reintroduced to the Froot Loops Cereal by various new products hitting store shelves in North America. This began with the “Froot Loops Candy Canes”, which didn’t sell to expectations. Kellogg’s reobtained their financial losses by introducing the Froot Loops & Frosted Flakes Mashup Cereal. These recent examples are outweighed by their latest cereal that’s meant for Summer 2020. Named the Froot Loops Tropical cereal, it combines warm-weather flavours to create a flavourful experience never seen within the Kellogg’s Company.

It’s not exclusively the cereal that’s been altered, with the packaging for Froot Loops having also been changed. You see Toucan Sam dressed in a Hawaiian Shirt, with a bright orange box behind the infamous mascot. Unlike current iterations of special edition Froot Loops, this version supports different flavour profiles. Rarely does Kellogg’s alter their recipes but have decided the 2020s the perfect time to change Froot Loops. New flavours in this cereal include Mango, Pineapple, Banana and Orange.

Limited availability is provided with Kellogg’s Froot Loops – Tropical Edition. It’s begun selling with grocery retailers in North America, with Kellogg’s noting that sales indicate large percentages of their shipped ques have been sold-out in 24-hours. This continues to show the popularity behind Froot Loops, with Special Editions often selling out before the product goes viral.

It should be mentioned that Froot Loops Tropical was 1st introduced in 2019 throughout regions in Mexico. Performance sales weren’t what Kellogg’s had anticipated, prompting Executives to release the Tropical Edition throughout the United States. Second chances have pleasantly worked for Kellogg’s Froot Loops. If sales continue to soar in popularity for the Tropical Edition of Froot Loops, this could become a yearly release during the summer holidays.

Cookies & Crème Arrives

Froot Loops – Tropical Edition wasn’t the exclusive cereal announced by Kellogg’s this week. PR Representatives also confirmed that the Rice Krispies Cereal is getting a Special Edition, which will be flavoured with Cookies & Crème. It’s known that the availability of this product won’t sustain a period longer than eight weeks. Similar timeframes can be expected for the Tropical Edition. That’s why we recommend that Kellogg’s enthusiasts purchase these products immediately before it’s too late.

iOS 14 Announced by Apple

The iPhone revolutionized how humans worldwide engage in their daily lifestyles. However, that innovation was shortly lived & overtaken by its main competitor of Android. Ever since the initial version of iOS was released, Apple has copied features implemented in their competitor’s software. This was proven again at WDC2020 with the announcement of iOS 14. New features announced for this operating system include Organizing Apps, Widgets, and Picture-in-Pictures. Android supporters couldn’t help but bolster how these features have been available for 10+ years. When accounting how delayed Apple is with their innovation, it’s understandable with genuine tech enthusiasts avoid iOS at all costs.

Tim Cook started detailing what’s available on iOS14 with the App Library. This feature focuses on better organizing applications on the home screen, which when combined with the upcoming Widgets update, will make for unique customization options for users. Swiping right onto the home screen immediately has all applications curated into separate categories—the App Library than suggests new platforms & services that suit their requirements with the iPhone. There’ll also be the additional “New Library Feature”, which curates the most used & recently downloaded applications from iPhone owners. Outdated applications will eventually be deleted to ensure storage space.

The Widgets

Requests towards specific features with the iPhone have centred around Widgets. Apple refused to meet these demands for nearly a decade, ultimately enabling an offset version of Widgets in 2016. Their iteration of Widgets has received mass criticism in comparison to Android’s usage of this technology. After an additional four years of complaints from Apple loyalists, the company listened & has updated Widgets.

iPhone Consumers could previously access iOS Widgets through the Siri Shortcuts Page, which is initiated by swiping left on the home screen. That iteration of Widgets is being abandoned & moved towards the conventional setting seen in Android. This means users can place iOS Widgets onto the home screen when this upgrade rolls out nationwide. Tim Cook unveiled several widgets that’ve been updated for the home screen. These include Weather, Apple Health, News, Clock, System Panel, Apple Music, and Notes. When unveiling the newest version of iOS Widgets, online praise was seen from Apple loyalists.

Johnson & Johnson Releasing Inclusive Hues for Band-Aid

The Johnson & Johnson Company has announced that many are claiming is long overdue. It was revealed that Band-Aid would release multiple skin tones for their adhesive bandages. This brand first came into existence during 1920, obtaining initial fame & fortune during the second world war. One century later & the introduction of African American Skin Tones is being implemented. Considering that millions of Black Lives fought & died during World War Two, it’s believed that Band-Aids should’ve immediately begun offering darker skin tones by 1940s.

Multiple critics disputed Band-Aids claims of being an inclusive corporation, noting various moments in history where they benefited from systematic racism. These remarks from critics were issued on Instagram when Johnson & Johnson announced the change. June 11th saw the Band-Aid Brand showcase five adhesive bandages, ranging in colour range for darker skinner tones. Their Instagram reveal noted that Band-Aid must do better, but when questioned on the release of their new line, PR Representatives ignored those consumers.

The Instagram Caption for this posting noted that Band-Aid hears the African Community & sees their pain, that this brand is listening to their concerns. It would then be confirmed that a new range of skin tone options will be released. However, PR Representatives didn’t name these communities by their proper political terms. Band-Aid claimed these adhesive bandages are for Brown & Black Communities, not African American or Latin America. It shows that systemic racism is very much alive at Johnson & Johnson.

Johnson & Johnson is benefiting these communities by releasing updated adhesive bandages, even if their decision is based on fear from the Black Lives Matter Movement. Hoping to avoid criticism, Johnson & Johnson is making a largescale donation to multiple charities in the BLM Movement.

Online Criticism

Consumers criticized the behaviour of Johnson & Johnson over the last 100 years with the Band-Aid Brand. One African American mentioned that it shouldn’t have taken a revolution to occur for Johnson & Johnson to understand this community bruises. It was also noted that Band-Aids main competitors altered their skin tone lines by 2014 to 2018, showing the outdated nature of this corporation.

The 2020 Asus ZenBook Duo

Millions throughout North America have seen advertisements for the 2020 Asus ZenBook Duo. It’s the latest Windows Laptop meant to compete against Apple’s MacBook Lineup. Similar to the strategies implored by Apple, consumers sacrifice internal strength for stunning aesthetics. Those not requiring a powerful laptop for editing videos & photographs are best suited for Asus’s ZenBook Duo. Minimal power is maintained through the internal components, meaning that editing documents & browsing the web or Windows Applications is the extent of the ZenBook Duos capabilities.

Consumers that purchase the 2020 iteration of this laptop obtain a 14-Inch 1080p Matte Primary Display. The secondary display is named the ScreenPad2 & supports a 12.6-inch IPS Panel. Both support touch capability, which peripherals like the Asus Active Stylus, enhancing the touch support. It’s a unique concept that’s been implemented multiple times from Asus, with their overall demographic appearing to the digital artists.

Those who were lucky to obtain the 2020 model before production quantities disappeared have noted their usage. Applications like Spotify & Twitter are used on the bottom screen, with the top panel perfect for engaging with standard documents. For parents needing to distract their children during prolonged homework sessions, this laptop is ideal for working on schoolwork & watching an educational video of YouTube. Those wanting to purchase this laptop will need $1,499.99 for the standard 15” model.

The Complaints

There have been notable complaints behind this model, which is being deemed worse than the 2019 iteration. That’s because the Asus Company didn’t unveil a Pro Edition of the ZenBook Duo for 2020, which followed after its 2019 counterpart didn’t sell to expectations. Altering the consumer’s mindset behind lifestyle products like the laptop is challenging, meaning more robust advertising should’ve been maintained in 2019. Implementing that level of advertising in 2020 with a lower-grade model could prompt issues for consumers. Under those complaints, Tech Analysts are recommending consumers avoid the 2020 Asus ZenBook Pro.

Another element that factors into these complaints regards the trackpad. Touchscreen trackpads were previously implemented on the “2019 Asus ZenBook Duo – Pro Edition” have been removed from its 2020 predecessor. It’s led to more issues when traversing online documents.

New Slushies and Shakes from Sonic Drive-Thru

The desirable weather of summer is barreling towards us like an evening storm. Fast-Food Corporations throughout the United States of America are releasing their beverages meant to cool consumers off during hot temperatures. The most recent company to announce their line of summer treats is SONIC Drive-Thru. PR Representatives with this infamous Drive-In confirmed that the “Red Bull Watermelon Slush – Summer Edition” is returning for 2020. This wasn’t the exclusive summer treat confirmed for this upcoming season, with SONIC announcing their brand new “Brownie Batter Shake”, and “Yellow Cake Batter Shake”.

The New Shakes

Purchasing the SONIC Brownie Batter Shake will give consumers a delicious & savoury treat that cools down your body in seconds after consumption. It’s hand-mixed with vanilla ice cream & chocolate brownie batter, with a series of different chocolatey flavours added into the mixture for additional taste. Those that taste this treat for the 1st time will want to return for a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th helping.

The Yellow Cake Batter Shake is the 2nd enticing treat released by SONIC Drive-Thru. It was previously unveiled during the 2019 season as a limited number of locations. Sales must’ve met expectations for SONIC Executives, with the Yellow Cake Batter Shake now be released nation-wide. It’ll have a similar hand-mixture of Vanilla Ice Cream & Yellow Cake Batter, creating a flavour profile similar to Cake Pops. Those interested in obtaining any of the three summer drinks mentioned above should determine if their local SONIC is still open. Multiple locations remain closed because of COVID-19.

These SONIC beverages are limited, with their availability extending towards August 2nd. PR Representatives are recommending that loyal consumers of their brand download the iOS or Android Application to obtain delivery access. Instant Curb-Side Pick-Up will also be supported at numerous locations. Anyone that has had an Ice Cream Cheesecake Shake will notice similarities in the texture & flavour profiles obtained with these SONIC beverages.

Other Summer Treats

Corporations like McDonald’s & Dairy Queen have released a multitude of new products for their Summer Line. The fight between McFlurries & Blizzard’s has always been evident since their creation, with both offering equal flavours. It’ll be interesting to see if SONIC can dominate over their competition.